Moving Water Lines to Hook the New Spring Into the Main Water Pipe

Sunday September 8, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Getting it done

Around noon today I rode the quad up to my work site at the new spring I’ve been working on.quad


I needed to relocate a main water line  so I can hook the new spring pipe into it.

I had some extra plastic pipe.pipe


Moving pipes

I disconnected the old main line and rerouted it to the new trail.line



I used half inch plastic pipe which just fits into the three quarter inch black pipe. Two clamps and it’s done.splice


Pipes teed

I was getting things ready to install a tee just up ahead by the logs for the new spring pipe to enter the main water line.trail


Main line water

This is the  main water line  coming down from some other springs up on the hill above. Lots of water.water


All hooked up

I got the new spring water line all hooked up so water can flow from the new spring into our water tanks.

Break time and some puttering

Once I had that done I went on home for a break and something to eat.

Hooking the lines up, walking on the steep hill sides pretty much tired me out so I took it easy the rest of the day just puttering in the yard.

Nice day and good go get those water lines hooked up.

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