Fueling the Dozer and a Ride and a Walk in the Hills Looking for Mushrooms

Saturday November 12, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Nice day in the forest

I thought it would be a good day for a bit of a hike up in the hills. I needed to add some fuel to the dozer so I found a container and filled it up with five gallons of fuel and tied it to the quad runner and made sure I had the keys to unlock the tank on the dozer.

I rode on up this road to where the dozer was parked.road2


Fueling the dozer

I put the five gallons of fuel in the dozer.dozer


And then I continued on up the hill a ways more on this road.road


Walking through this area

I stopped and hiked through the forest here, keeping my eyes open for mushrooms as they were popping.forest


The prize

This is one of the best a primo one, just up and fresh.cocara


Checking out this old road

I was having a look at this old road. It had a bunch of downed trees on it, but wouldn’t be too hard to open up.trail2


This type of mushroom is also starting to come out.ice


Here’s a close up, not sure what these are called.lace


I continued walking out the old road, taking my time and enjoying the walk through the woods.trail


There were a few of these larger trees across the trail, so it looks like I’ll need my chain saw if I ever get around to opening up that road.tree


Another nice one

Another nice one. There are some fresh mushrooms coming up and there are a bunch of older ones too. They don’t last very long before they go bad. This is another prime one.cream


I found some apples too

I spent a couple hours or so walking around in the forest and then hopped on my quad runner and headed back down the hill. As I approached the old orchard, I remembered to check for any winter apples that might be still on the trees and found this tree that still had a few apples on it. I had a hard time reaching them, but I got a couple of them and they were very tasty.apples


Once I made it back home, a nap was in order.

Removed the headlight fixtures

Eventually I went back outside and started removing both front headlight fixtures on the van as I want to clean them up and put some paint on them so when I get the new headlight adjuster  parts, I can put them all back together in good shape.

That was my day.

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