Contemplating Going Up to Sunflower Flat

Mountain City is almost a ghost town Mon. Oct. 22 11 AM.

11:00 AM

Good thing I got gas in Owyhee, as the place in Mountain City is closed down, as a matter of fact most things in town are closed up.



I did leave the snow just north of Mountain City, so am now sitting in at an abandoned National Forest fire station. I’m looking up at the road I need to take to get to Sunflower Flat, which is on the way to the Jarbidge area.



There has been a couple of pickups coming down the road since I’ve been here. It doesn’t look too bad up in that area, so I’m thinking I should at least drive up the road and see what’s up there as far as weather. I’m now parked just on the edge of the rain, light drizzle here. It’s a gravel road and I have four wheel drive. I could easily make it to the Jarbidge area today, if the road is open, but I’m not sure I want to. I was thinking of slowing down and staying up on the flat somewhere, but until I see up there, not sure. If the weather sucks up there, I may come back down here or continue on to the Jarbidge area if the road looks ok.

I was thinking of taking a nap, but I think I’ll drive up there and take one.

I drove up the hill

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