The Adventure has Started

Fernley, NV. tonight Sat. Oct. 20

I meat to get on the road today by two PM. But, I was in the process of making some dinner rolls for the trip and they took a long time to raise. I got them cooked by three and was off with hot rolls smiling up my van.

Of course the traffic though the Sacramento area sucked, but it usually does. It wasn’t too bad over the mountain, but once I leave the Reno area things get much better. I found the Wally’s ok, but they didn’t have a CB radio or the ceramic heater I was looking for. Didn’t need them this trip anyway. I got filled up with gas here, now I’m headed to Winnemucca, where I will top off with gas again and head up ninety five to 290. I may find a place to sleep down the road a ways from here, if I get a bit tired and continue tomorrow .

It’s just 9:45 here so still early. I’m not sure where my next post will be from. Internet access will be very limited where I’m going, so hang on.

Winnemucca, NV.

Made it to Winnemucca by almost midnight. Gassed up and am now ready to head up ninety five to 290, where I hope to find a nice quiet place to sleep for the night. OK, I’m gone.

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