Continental Divide Trail New Mexico Day 18

Thursday August 10, 2017 Continental Divide New Mexico Day18

Our muddiest day Day 18

We had a  nice camp and pulled out about 9 headed south along this road.road1


Muddy roads

Yesterday we detoured around about two hundred miles of wet slippery road. That was good, but it rained hard this morning around 4 AM and got more roads wet. Desert roads usually mean mud as in snot so we weren’t sure what we were in for today.

Some of the roads were still wet and muddy.road2


Some roads were rocky and dry.road3


Stopped at Pie Town

The guys had plans to stop at a place called Pie Town so we stopped at this place first where they got a piece of pie, but not me.pie2


Then a short time later they tried a piece of pie at this one. I was able to get on the internet here and posted a blog. Seems just about everyone that came to  this place stopped to talk about the vans including several local ladies that hinted they’d like to take my passenger’s seat. I declined. :O)pieo2


We continued south from there.orad5


We went up some hills and down some hills.road5


Roads turn muddy

Eventually we ran into this real wet road where we started to have trouble staying on the road. We all headed for the ditch more than once but somehow we all were able to stay on the road.road6


We went though a lot of areas like this today.road9


Crossed the Divide several times

And crossed the Divide several times today.orad11


We saw these antelope running away from us as fast as they could run.antelope9


Engaged the four wheel drive

We stopped here for a short break and discuss things as things were starting to get muddier so we engaged the four wheel drive.road10


This had to  be the slipperiest part of the road today. Not sure how we all stayed on the road in this part, but we did.mud12


There were quite a lot of wild flowers just about every where we drove.flowers12


Beaverhead and Anthony

We were headed for Beaverhead work station to hopefully find a place to camp for the night.

We pulled in and it didn’t look promising.

But Cheryl said she’d go over to the workers house and see what’s up as nothing was open.

Gold for sure

Well, Cheryl struck gold when when she met Anthony a guy who works there and was just ready to leave for the city for a few days.

Anthony set us up in the parking lot, giving us a nozzle for the water faucet so we could wash all the mud off our rigs.

He offered wood for a fire, went to get it for us.anth


And then he split it up for us before leaving for the city. All at no charge mind you.ant


We decided Anthony was the best and said our good byes to him as he drove off down the road. Cheryl gave him money for beer, he sure earned it with us.

Tonight’s camp

Here’s our camp spot for the


Washed a lot of mud off the vans

Anthony set us up with a water hose and let us wash the mud off in the parking lot. Good thing as we had a lot of it, the most we’d had so far and it was nice to get it off.vanmud


Campfire tonight

Here’s our camp spot with our camp fire that we sat around and enjoyed until the rain drove us in for the night. There were a lot of elk out in the field in front of us making elk type

That was it for this day. It was our muddiest day yet.

Nice day with a nice end.

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