Continental Divide Trail Colorado Day 10

Wednesday August 2, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Colorado

Posted from Kremmling Colorado. Second post today.

Day 10 headed south on the Continental Divide Trail

Dennis and  Cheryl met us at our camp this morning after their night at the motel.

We continued on down the Continental Divide Trail headed south on this road from our camp spot.road1


Near Steamboat

And through this area near a place called Steamboat in Colorado as we’d just entered that state not long ago.road2


Avoiding pavement

We stayed on dirt roads as much as possible avoiding pavement as much as possible.road3


Smoother roads

I continued to follow the others down the roads. Not too much dust today and the roads were mostly on the smooth side.road5


We went by these horses on a big ranch, just grazing in the pasture. The good life.horses


Columbine Store

We stopped to check out this old Store at Columbine and had lunch in our rigs there before continuing on. The guys were talking with one of the guys biking the Divide Trail going


After lunch we continued on south on this road.rocks6


We went by this big lake that I never got the name of.lake


Tonight’s camp spot

Once we hit BLM land we headed for the first camp we came to and ended up here for the night. Marty’s snoozing there just after we settled into the


And our first campfire

Dennis and Cheryl had a camp fire for the first time this trip so we took our chairs over to help them enjoy


Just before dark, we went back to the van and that was it for us today.

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3 Responses to Continental Divide Trail Colorado Day 10

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Love Columbine, I imagine this store has EVERYTHING! ;)
    I was going to ask about Cheryl and Dennis’ accommodations on this trip when not in a hotel but then I saw this picture. They sleep up there? Wow, you must really think we are spoiled or at least not ‘camping’. :)

  2. Upriverdavid says:

    You need to start remembering the names of those places, so that maybe we can visit too…..
    Enjoying your stories and pictures…

  3. Pam in Louisiana says:

    I’m really enjoying your trip so far. Keep those pictures coming.

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