Cormorants and the Hatchery Fish Paddling Around Jenner

Tuesday February 16, 2016 Jenner CA.

Sunny warm day

The wind was down and the sun was out as I drove into Jenner today and put my boat in the water.

The sky was lite up with some nice clouds as I paddled down towards the river’s mouth area.sky2


Lots of fishing cormorants

I paddled past these cormorants fishing for the just released hatchery fish on the way across the river.cormors


River’s mouth is open, but perched

The river’s mouth was open and has moved back behind the jetty. It’s open, but restricted some. What the biologists call perched. mouth


Lots more cormorants

Down near the end of the river a big bunch of cormorants were resting on the sand.cors2


Harbor seals playing with a big fish

I was hanging around down by the river’s end and these harbor seals were real active. They seemed to be playing with a big steelhead fish that was mostly bone when I saw it briefly.seals


After awhile, I headed on back to Penny Island and started up the south back channel where I ran into this snowy egret just resting there on the gravel By the big redwood stump.egret


River otters check me out

I worked my way up the back channel up to this spot where I was sitting at the redwood log graveyard  when these three river otters popped up right in front of me for just a bit before diving back under the water and disappearing.otters


Even more cormorants

I moved on up to Eagle’s landing where I stopped here and could see this big flock of cormorants resting over by Paddy’s rock. We went from less than a dozen a few days ago to this at this spot, all because the hatchery fish are tasty.paddyrock


Osprey like them too

I saw an osprey fly into a tree near me so I paddled over to check it out. It also likes to dine on the hatchery fish. It’s eating a fish and put it’s wings up to keep it’s balance as it tore into the fish.osprety


I see Steve fishing

I thought I could see Steve fishing just above the highway one bridge, so I started over that way going past this nice pair of merganser ducks. As far as I can tell, these ducks eat small fish that are smaller than the hatchery fish.mergansers


I paddled on past this pair of mallard ducks and went over to talk with Steve who was fishing over on the right. You can fish above the bridge, but not below it.steve


He hadn’t hooked into anything big, but the hatchery fish were hard to keep off the hook. We shot the bull for awhile then we headed down the river.

Paddy’s rock

Coming up behind Paddy’s rock looked like this.paddyrocksky


I left Steve and continued on down the river where I went by this pair of feeding mallards as I neared Penny Island.mallards


The wind was down and it was real nice out today as I crossed over to the boat ramp just before five PM.sun


I took my boat out and went on home for the day where I had a little nap and that was it for the day for a nice one.

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