Oat Bath, Smearing Meds and Cooking Up Corn Free Stuff

Thursday October 19, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A good day to try out some meds

The weather guys said it was going to rain today starting mid day, so I thought it would be a good day to vegetate and see what a large dose of steroidal cream might do to me. The large dose of cream would also make me a big sticky mess which was another reason to take it easy.

Running the tub water

So anyway, not sleeping well because of this I started running the tub on the back poach around 5:30 in the morning, still dark.

This is just an old claw bath tub that I fill with hot water, use it for about an hour then drain it into the garden in the yard.

Ground oats for the bath

My dermatologist gave me a big shopping bag full of oat packets for baths that are suppose to help sooth itches. Since I had these, I thought I’d start with those.

I slid into the tub which was rather nice as it was a bit cold this time of the morning. I stayed until just after it got light out. I’m not sure if the oats did any good, but at least they didn’t hurt anything.

I couldn’t test this cream before

A few years ago a doc gave me one tube of steroidal cream which is petroleum based jelly so it’s sticky, but to tell  the truth, one little tube just would not go far on a full body rash so I was never able to give the stuff a good test.

But this time because I complained about that to this dermatologist, she gave me 12 tubes of the stuff so now I  had a chance.

But I wasn’t sure

Only thing was I wasn’t sure how using a whole tube of the stuff would be with that much steroidal stuff applied as compared to just a little being used like in most cases of this application.

So I decided to only do half my body, my legs and feet. I took most of the first tube of the cream  to accomplish that.

Do it all

My upper body, back and arms needed some of the stuff too as those parts are in the worse shape so I threw caution to the wind and applied the cream to the rest of my body, which brought me up to a tube and half of the stuff. Would I be ok with that? One reason it takes so much is my skin is not smooth right now,but it’s rough, sorta like alligator skin so to get the cream down into the skin, it takes a lot more.

Of course by now I was all sticky so I found some loose fitting Jammie’s and put them on. It didn’t take long for them to get all sticky too, but I do what I need to do.

By this time I needed a nap.

I guess I’m ok

Later I thought I was feeling a bit weird, but not too bad and not anything I could put my finger on, so all was ok so far with the steroid cream.

Stuff for the dump

Later my brother Tom drove by with his tractor pulling our dump trailer loading up for a run to the dump. I wasn’t feeling like getting stuff together for the dump, but I did get a half dozen things together I put in the trailer. I have a lot more stuff for the dump, but getting rid of a little was better than none, so back to a nap.

The rains finally started arriving just as my brother was leaving for the dump, but they started out with a light drizzle for a couple hours and then the rain was still very light.

Doing some cooking so I can eat

Since I was hanging around the house I thought I’d better get some stuff cooked up so I have something to eat that is corn less.

First off was a chuck roast I put in the pressure cooker with a lot of water and onions to make a meat broth which is a good base to make a lot of other stuff.

Once that was done I peeled and cut up some big potatoes and put them in the pressure cooker with extra water for more broth and cooked them for a few minutes.

Next I went over to my brother’s garden and picked some green beans which I also put in the pressure cooker with extra water to make more broth and cooked them for two minutes.

Time to eat

That should be enough food to last me three or four days and by now I was hungry so I put some of each of the things I cooked in a big bowl and pigged out. Very tasty.

And just maybe I have the corn out of my system at  least temporarily

I’m not totally sure, but it seems I might have the corn out of my system for the first time in over ten years as I’m not getting the corn itch right now, just seem to be itching from the body rash which seems something secondary to the corn itch problem.

Antibiotics in ice cream

It’s almost time to take my antibiotics in chocolate ice cream. This is working out well, except I keep getting into the ice cream and eating it up so it means I better take a ride to town this evening to see about getting some more. Only problem is some times they have it and some times they don’t.

And last the duct stone

And how are we doing with the stone in the salivating gland duct which I removed yesterday. It’s starting to feel better and it’s stopped oozing the bad stuff mostly so all looks good there.

That was my day and off to find some ice cream.

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2 Responses to Oat Bath, Smearing Meds and Cooking Up Corn Free Stuff

  1. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Sounds like something is giving you a little relief. Hopefully Mondays’ doctor(s) visit will find someway to help out even more. I tend to cook when it’s rainy here, may as well do that to have something cooked already for several days ahead. I chuckled when I read about your claw foot tub being on the porch. It brought back so many memories of our camping in our van days. We used a big plastic storage container that we could sit in and a shower curtain wrapped around it. It felt so-o-o-o good when we did that! ha..

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    You’re taking the time to look after yourself so it was good to have a rainy type day! Love that you have a bath on your porch in a claw foot tub! You are really country living!
    Feel better soon!

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