Rain and Dealing With My Corn Problem

Wednesday November 13, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Good rain today

I woke up to rain this morning so no need to get out of bed early. The rain slowed around noon so I went to Guerneville to do a little grocery shopping and came right back home and put the groceries away.

Around 3PM the rain started again. It rained hard and is still raining this evening.

Bodies acting up

Needless to say it was one of those days I stayed in the house and puttered doing mostly nothing which was just as well as my body rash from corn stuff was acting up today.

It’s  not really a rash so much as I’ve gotten rid of a lot of it, but my whole back is sensitive and sorta feels like it’s on fire or maybe pins and needles is a way to describe it.

As far as I know I haven’t eaten any corn stuff for some time now, but all the stuff it did to my body  has to go away which is taking some time. So I’m hoping the back thing is just a short lived thing on the way to recovery.

I think I have the corn out

I’ve actually had my main corn itch which was in my crotch area, itch less for several weeks now. I’m pretty sure I’m not eating much corn, but I could still be getting a little bit from somewhere that just isn’t hitting me hard.

No one knows

The truth is I don’t  know and the doctors don’t have a clue either, so I’m mostly on my own. There’s not a lot I can do for treatment for this, mostly just grin and bear it. :O)

The Docs would give me steroids for it and I understand it would help, but then I have to deal with the steroids which I’d rather not do unless or until I really do need them.

The cure

I know what the cure is and that is not to eat or drink any corn stuff, but that is not so easy to do in our society as corn is in most all our foods or on it and in most of our meds, so I avoid most of those.

Labeling sucks

And our ingredients labels really suck as far as telling us what’s really in a product. I’ll give you an example. If you buy a fruit juice that is made from one concentrate, the ingredients will say from apple concentrate, maybe some other ingredients and citric acid which comes from corn, but they don’t tell you that.

But here’s the kicker. If that drink is made from two or more concentrates the ingredients are listed as just from berry concentrate and apple concentrate and not tell the ingredients of each concentrate, in other words they wouldn’t tell me there was citric acid in there which is from corn. You would think citric acid comes from citrus fruit, but it’s cheaper to get it from corn. Citric acid is a preservative used to retain color in way too  much stuff.

Changing the name

One of the other problems is they make a lot of stuff out of or grow it on corn and give it another name such as sorbitol and you have to know it’s from corn. It should say sorbitol (corn) so one would know what it was made from, but no. I  had to dump my toothpaste once I found out that and I stopped having burning sensations in my mouth.

I could go on and on about this,but that’s enough for now. :O)

That was my day.

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2 Responses to Rain and Dealing With My Corn Problem

  1. mister Ed says:

    Could some of the reaction that you’re getting B from the chemicals (not corn based)that are used IN the products that you’re consuming, but not necessarily the actual product, case in point. I know you Buy chicken meats from the farmer,, but when we purchased chicken/meat from the store. There are chemicals / pesticides steroids added to that meat/chicken
    i’m sure your family farm has Organic vegetable so you know what products go INTO the vegetables
    Have you tried (2 or 3 weeks) staying away from all processed foods ( A lot of cases I know it’s hard )but only eat what you know comes from your garden or live stock
    It’s only a thought

    • Bob Noble says:

      Hi Ed,
      You seem pretty knowledgeable about this stuff.
      Yes, it could be from other stuff besides corn, but since corn is in so much stuff, it would just get classed as corned so no difference.
      I did the best when I was on the Divide trip as I was more limited on what I could eat. I lived on a big potato and a can of corn less string beans. Have to watch out for acidic acid in the beans but they can be found without it.
      The acidic acid is made from corn and is in a lot of our foods.
      I’d cut up the big potato and dump the can of string beans in it, add lots of onion as it’s good for a lot of flavor as well as nutrients. Add salt and pepper and fill with water and boil until the tatters are done. Sometimes I would add some finely chopped raw onions after it’s cooked to kick it up a notch.
      A little Braggs vinegar in it when it’s in the bowl. I was doing real good with that until I got the altitude sickness and went off it, but discovered my lard I had faith in was corned which was a very good thing to discover. I have been also eating bone broth as it’s good to heal up a leaky gut, but I also am concerned with that. I buy grass fed beef from a local ranch, but it all has to go by the FDA which makes the butchers do certain things to the meat. One of the possibilities is they are using citric acid to wash the meat which I need to find out about. I don’t seem to be getting a reaction from the meat that I can tell, it might just be low level and I can’t tell.
      So for now, I’m switching to just the vegetable soup for awhie and maybe the tatters and beans too.
      One of the problems is it’s hard to tell when I get hit because there is a delay before it hits. Once hit, I’m in for it for a week or two. It takes a lot of patience.
      I make a more or eat some corn and I have to wait a week or two before I know what’s going on, good or bad, so it takes a long time to learn what’s going on. I’ve been working on this for over ten years to learn what little I know about this, which is more than most doctors know unfortunately. I’m basically working on cleaning up what they call a leaky gut as well as trying to stay away from corn stuff. But each time I get hit by corn, it’s a week or two of just waiting it out before I can make the next move.

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