Crabbing in Port Orford Oregon

Saturday February 7, 2015 Port Orford Oregon

Yes, it was raining when we got up this morning. Last night it rained most of the night with a bit of thunder too.

We decided to go up to Port Orford today and drop a crab pot, which we could do in the rain and we did.

We went down to the harbor around ten thirty and Steve dropped his pot in the water. No one else was there, as it was raining and the salty ocean water was breaking over the wall near us causing salt water to rain down on us. Not a good place for a camera, but I did get it out briefly.

This is where all the salt water was breaking on, spraying us with salt water. I could only get the camera out when it was calm enough.waves


The ocean was pretty rough.wave


Steve dropped the crab pot in and we waited in the car. When we had a little break in the rain I took these pictures of what it looked like around here at the


All the boats are on trailers so they can be moved to the crane area where they are put in the water as there is no protected harbor here.

Another view of some of the fishing boats.boat2


After a couple of hours Steve hauled up the crab pot.pot


There seemed to be some crabs in the pot, eh.steve


Steve starts to check them out as they  have to be a certain size and males.



We had to throw some of these back, but we had enough for dinner.crab


We went on home and I made some bread dough to make some pull apart buns to go with the crab. The  buns are rising now, which we are waiting to bake so we can eat.

That was about it for the day. More rain coming.

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2 Responses to Crabbing in Port Orford Oregon

  1. Rory McDonald says:

    Hey Ray, Salmon season is over, were fishing steelhead now,

  2. Ray Sundberg says:

    Crab is good, but where’s all the Salmon?

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