Cranked Up the Bulldozer and Went to Jenner for an Evening Kayak

Saturday November 28, 2015 Jenner CA.

A battery for the dozer

First thing this morning as soon as it warmed up a little I hopped on the quad runner and took the battery up the hill and installed it in our bulldozer. I greased the machine and checked the fluids and it looked good to go. I hadn’t intended to run it yet, but since everything looked good, I cranked the engine and it started right up. You never know if it will start after sitting around for over a year up in the forest.

I’m just installing the battery in the dozer.dozer


Did a little work with the dozer

I went down a road pushing any old trees that fell on the road in the last year off the road. We have a lot of tan oaks that have died and they seem to be rotten enough to fall down now blocking the road here and there.

I worked on that for a couple hours, then I rode the quad runner around a bit checking out the other roads to see how bad they were. Not too bad, but they need some work.

Evening kayak at Jenner

Around two PM I was back home and decided to head down to Jenner for an evening kayak. I got it going and was on the water just about 2:30PM. The wind was down and the sun was out as I put my boat in the water.

I headed on up the river before the sun went down behind the hill up there and made it up to Paddy’s rock when the sun was just going behind the hill in that area. So I turned back down the river and went along the north shore looking for birds and critters along the way.

I paddled by these ducks getting the last sun rays of the day.ducks


Just past the ducks, I saw this great blue heron stick it’s beak in the water, then moved back to shore quickly. It appeared to be eating something. It looks like a Star flounder to me.heronfishes


Feeding otters

I continued along the north shoreline and ran into these otters feeding along headed right for me. They saw me and headed for the bushes as they do a lot and I didn’t’ see them again.otters


Feeding coots

From there I crossed the river to Penny Island were I saw this big flock of mud hens feeding on the underwater weeds.coots


Resting eagle

About a hundred yards from them, up in the big tree on the island, I saw this bald headed eagle just sitting. It must have been full or something as the mud hens didn’t seem to mind it being so close.eagle


I paddled down along the side of the island and started crossing over towards the river’s mouth area and it looked like this out. More ducks out in the water there.river


Lone pelican

I passed by this brown pelican on the way.pelican


There were the usual harbor seals down by the open mouth as the sun was starting to go down.seals


I backed off a bit to sit and enjoy the sunset.sundown


I watched as the sun set and the ocean waves crashed over the rocks on the jettywaves


Sunset watchers

I headed on in for the day. When I went past the River’s End restaurant, I could see a bunch of people up there also enjoying the sunset. The restaurant stops everything during the sunset so people can check it out, which puts me in a fish bowl so to speak as I’m right down there in front of them.people


The lone Pelican

There’s a big rock right now in front of the restaurant and I saw something there, so I went over to have a look. It looked like it might be the same lone pelican I went by earlier. It seemed to be tucked in for the night.peli


It was almost dark as I pulled onto the boat ramp and loaded my car and went on home for the day.

Nice day.

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