Operated the Dozer Until the hydraulic Hose Let Go

Sunday November 29, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I puttered around this morning waiting for the sun to warm the day up just a bit. It must have gotten to 32 degrees F. this morning, but now the sun was out and doing it’s thing.

Oil for the transmission

My plan today was to put some oil in the dozers transmission then do some bulldozing. It was a cool ride up the hill on my quad runner,  but once I gained a bit of altitude, the temperature got better. I put the oil in the transmission and checked around the tractor to make sure things were all as they should be.

Oh, oh, oil on the track

I noticed oil on the right track, but couldn’t tell where it might be coming from so the thing to do was to  use the dozer and the source of the oil  should become evident eventually.

I was mainly cruising down roads looking for old dead trees to clean off. I took off up the road watching for any oil on the tracks, but I didn’t see any for quite some time.

Here’s what it looks like operating a bulldozer going through a forest on an old fire road.dozerroad


I was doing ok for a couple hours and moved some rather large trees off the road.

Hose let’s lose

I was way in the back of the property when I saw more oil on the track, lots of it. I stopped to check it out. When I moved the blade up, oil was squirting out from one of the hydraulic hoses under the fluid supply tank.

As long as I didn’t use the blade, no oil was leaking so I started heading on back up the hill to a parking spot up higher that was easier to get to to do the repair.

Of course that spot wasn’t where I had parked the quad runner this morning. It was about a mile away, up the hill, so I started walking towards it throwing sticks and rocks off the road as I went.

I hopped on the quad runner and headed down the hill meaning to get some tools to take the broken hose off so I can get a new one. But on the way down, I drove through several cool spots, so I decided it was too late in the day to do that project, so just went on home and puttered a bit before it got to cool to be outside and almost dark anyway.

That was my day.

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