I Forgot My Pack So Changed My Plans for the Day

Friday November 27, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Started off to kayak

I started off for a kayak at Jenner this morning. But when I got to Guerneville I realized I’d forgotten my pack with my camera in it. Hummmmm. I had my empty propane tank with me, so I diverted to the propane place and got my tank filled instead and returned home.

Not sure what to do today

When I got back home, I wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of the day. I could go kayaking or stay home and work on some projects.

Warming in the sun

I decided to sit in the warming sun and think about it for a bit.

As I sat there warming up, I decided it might be just as well to stay home and work on the bridge bulkhead repair project as that needed to get done before winter storms hit and filled the creek up with water.

OK, I’ll work on the old bridge

About that time my brother came by in his golf cart which was good as I needed to move some aluminum sheeting from my aunt’s house to the bridge that crosses the creek between our houses where I’m going to work.  That didn’t take long and now I had no excuses not to work on this project. I gathered more tools and descended under the bridge where I would work for most of the rest of the day. I had to cut the sheets to length to fit, then use screws to fasten the sheets to the old bulkhead. A lot of the old bulkhead had rotted away over the years and some places didn’t have much wood left to fasten the sheets too, but I did the best I could and got that part of the job done.

That’s enough for one day

I still need to put some reinforcing boards across the sheets. I decided that would be another days job.

It was getting cold under the bridge by the time I got all the sheets fastened to the old bulkhead and the sun was going down. I rounded up all my tools and decided that was enough work on that project for the day.

Digging potatoes

After a short break, I dug some potatoes in my potato patch which is also my blueberry patch and washed and cleaned them up for dinner.

Lots of times, when I’m working on projects I get so busy working and thinking what I’m doing I forget to pick up the camera and take some pictures, so that’s what happened today.

I also put the bulldozer battery on the charger as I intend to try and get the beast started in a day or so. I need to put the battery in the dozer and grease it up and see if I can get it woken up after sitting around for a year or so. There’s number of old dead trees that have fallen across some ranch roads that I need to clear off so we can get around hiking, riding  and mushroom hunting.

That was about it for today.

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