Roof Panel Construction Continued and Frogs Are Still The Best Sprinklers

Thursday May 10, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Building more enclosure panels

That’s pretty much what I did today. I’m constructing the roof panels for the chicken enclosure. There are 4 panels 7 x 10 feet each.

First I cut all the rebar to size, then weld it up into panels.weld


Then I cut the wire to fit and attach the ends using pig clips on two sides and bending the wire over on it’s ends on the other two sides.wire


I have the water on for the garden enclosure in the back and am working on this enclosure for the chickens putting up the roof panels.enclosure


Frog sprinklers are still the best

Each enclosure will have a frog sprinkler on top when I’m done including the chicken enclosures.

Roof panels make it all square and give the whole thing support

The roof panels are square so they line up on all the side panels and the side panels all  have to be square for it to fit together so the side panels are pushed this way and that until the whole enclosure is square at which time the roof panels will fit properly.

I have 2 roof panels up. They are hard to see. This view is from inside the enclosure.inclosure


Here’s another view of it from the end.roof


Wanting to get more done than I’m able

This morning I thought I might get all 4 panels made today, but as the day wore on, I could see I was slowing down and settled for getting two panels complete. The other two roof panels just need the wire attached and they will be done.

Design change

I still had about an hour before dark as I got the second roof panel up and square so I sat around and studied my design. With the enclosure mostly up things are getting more visual, so I made some improvements and changed my original design for the chicken pen around the coop.

It got dark on me so I came on in for the day and that was my day for a nice one.

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One Response to Roof Panel Construction Continued and Frogs Are Still The Best Sprinklers

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Things are coming along. Bill makes changes as he goes too, sits back and sees an improvement he could make so the original plan goes out the window a bit. :)
    Nice work, Bob. No reason to rush, you are retired!

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