Dam Repairs, Harbor Seals, Berries and More Kayaking Jenner

Monday June 2, 2014 Jenner CA.

Dam repairs first

I stopped by the Vacation Beach summer dam to see how the repairs were coming along.

The guys were hard at it. They were all so busy they didn’t even notice me there taking pictures.

This was my view as I approached the dam area.damrepair


These guys were drilling holes in the cement to put in new anchors.drilling


And these guys are making a place for them to work in the water. They seem to be using two methods here. The one on the left is a tractor tube filled with water and I think the one on the right, they are working on is a culvert with clay on the bottom to make a seal. There is an installed anchor on the cement to the right of these guys.parkguys


Now to kayaking

It looked like they were making progress so I headed on down to Jenner, where Steve and Ray were putting their boats in the water.  I joined them and we headed down to the river’s mouth area.

We passed these mallards as we went along Penny Island, a momma and her little ones. They are growing fast.ducks


The mouth is open

The mouth is open, but I think it will close soon as a lot of sand has been washed in during high tides, you can see the seals and birds sitting on it.rivermouth


These were the harbor seals on that sand in the above photo. Nice dark coats.harborseals


We sat around the mouth area or an hour or so. Something got these seals attention?seals


Penny Island

Once we got tired of sitting around the mouth area, we headed on over to the west end of Penny Island were there were some terns preening.terns


We continued on up the back side of the island and I passed this little bird feeding on the shore.bitd


A walk and some berries

We were looking for a good place to go to shore on Penny Island to go for a little walk and eat some berries.

Some of the berries I made disappear. :O)berries


After going for a walk and eating berries we continued on up the river to eagle’s landing and just a little further before turning back for the day and heading in.

Here we are heading in for the day down towards Jenner. Ray and Steve taking it easy.downview


We loaded our boats and went on home around four PM.

I put another coat of polyurethane on my van boards  and did some more prepping on my van for my trip coming up soon.

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