Deciding Which Projects to Work On and Working On Them

Saturday May 5, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Can’t decide what to work on today

I had plenty of projects that I could do today, but I couldn’t decide which one to work on so I sat in the yard enjoying the day until one of the projects got started.

First project

I started with the Toyota master cylinder replacement. I could see all the bolts and stuff on the one on the left was all rusty, so I put some penetrating oil on it and let it soak. Later in the day I applied some heavier oil and left it to soak.master


Chicken run panel construction

After another break, I started work on welding up a twenty foot panel for the chicken run enclosure. I used up most of my rebar constructing this one so I’ll have to get some more.panel


I got the panel done, but I didn’t put any of the wire on it yet.


Under the dash work

I set up my work area in my Toyoda as I have to get under the dash to do the some work.work3


Fuse block replacement

I need to replace this fuse block that always has bad connections as the weather has gotten into it over the years. I want to replace the block with a more modern fuse block so I ordered up some stuff online for it the other day. I could see it was all rusty so I applied some penetrating oil to all the screws on it and let it sit.fuse


To replace the brake master cylinder I have to work under the dash here. I put oil on all the bolts under here and let it sit.brakes


When I went to put a handle on my newest gate, I found that I’m using up all my half inch flat washers and I wasn’t going to have enough for all the gates I’m building so I needed a new design that was simple to  make so I came up with this tee handle that should work and is made from leftover metal pieces.handle


I took my time and didn’t hurry today with lots of breaks as my body is quite sore and needs to mend from all the work I’ve been doing.

Hauling wood chips

Just before dark, I hauled three loads of wood chips to the place in my new garden where I will plant asparagus and raspberries as I think they might do well together. I plan to mix the wood  chips with the tree leaf mulch below it.mulch


After that there was only a little time left before dark, so I did a bit of chair hopping enjoying the evening.

And that was my day.

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