The Dental Day that Wasn’t

Wednesday August 21, 2013 Guerneville CA.

I was going to get my crown prepped today,……….But

So, today, in the afternoon, I was going to get this crown prepped that I just had the root cannel redone on a week or so ago.

That meant I had some time so I arranged to have lunch with friends Skip an Judy in Sebastopol. Skip had an electrical problem he wanted me to help a friend of his get up to speed on, as I had helped him with it in the past.

So I met his friend Jack there and showed him what I know about the problem and we had a nice lunch and we talked until it was time to go for my dentist appointment in Forestville.

When I opened the door of the Dentist office, I knew I had made a little boo boo, as the receptionist was looking at me, from the hall way, shaking her head, no, no with a big smile on her face.

Ok, so the appointments not until next week, must have been a senior thing? :O)

Hey, I’m doing pretty good about dentist appointments. I’ve only missed one dentist appointment in my life time and I’ve going to three, so far, that were at the wrong time, all too early. And the one I missed was because they didn’t’ send me a, you got a dentist appointment card in the mail.

After that realization, I came on home where I played,………………… I’m retired for the rest of the day and mostly just sat around in my yard, which just happens to be in the middle of a redwood forest, so it’s not so bad. :O)

Tomorrow starts my eighth grade reunion, which is a meeting of some of the people I went though most of grammar school with. I plan to take the ones that can go out kayaking at Jenner on two nights in the evening, which should be quite the adventure for most of them.

I hope to take them about three miles up the river to Markum hole and wait until dark and come on back. It’s not a good lumen night, but still should be interesting.

What they don’t’ know yet, is if this all goes well, I’ve set them up for a night out checking out the lumens next year, we’ll just schedule it around the right time for it then.

At any rate, even though each of us took different paths when we separated, we all still think pretty much alike,………………… for some reason. ;O)   We should have a blast.

Nice day being retired. :O)

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