Quad Runner Flat Tire Repairs and Trail Works Finished

Monday June 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.

What to do about the old quad runner tires

After giving the air leak in the quad runner tire some thought I decided the best thing to do would be to replace the two back tires with new ones so I ordered those last night.

So this morning I had to remove the two tires from the quad runner and get ready to remove the tires from the rims.quadrunner


Old forest trail work, finishing up

Once I had those tires off I hopped on the dirt bike and rode up into the forest where I was working on the old trail and worked on that for about three hours. I forgot my camera.

Anyway I think that should do it for the work on opening up the old trail for now.

Tired out

Back home I was real tired out so a good nap was in order but I had a hard time settling down so after an hour or so I made a cup of coffee and that got me going.

Well fed hens

I went out to let the chickens into the front yard to feed and then checked the roost. These hens were on the roost early which means they are well fed or they’d be out eating in the yard.hens


One of the little peeps going peep peep.peeper


I did some stuff in the yard and later came back to check on the chickens as they were all on the roost now.

Here’s the boss rooster with all his hens around him.roosting2


And this is the number 2 rooster with his hens all ready for the night.roost



The chicks were in their box nest with their moms.mommahen


Two moms

Two moms in that box, the black hen on the left stole the other hen’s chicks when they were born and added them to hers  so the hen on the right just moved in with the black hen.peeps


Checking things out

I think I’ll use the drive the car up the ramp way to break the tires off the rims. I set things up to check it out but it can wait until tomorrow.tires


Muddy water

I did some more work on the old well sediment removal just before dark. I’m getting lots of muddy water but very little sand now.jet


My old quad looks incomplete without it’s back tires and the old crack in the left fender looks not so good but the quad works pretty good for being over 30 years old.quad


Nice day.

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