Trimming Razzberry Vines and Visiting Neighbors That Live In the Hills

Friday April 26, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trimming razzberry vines

Barry brought his hedger by the other day so I could trim some of my razzberry vines back as they are taking over the place in some spots.

So, first thing today I got it started up and trimmed some razzberry vines back. The trimmer works real good and it doesn’t take long to do, but it is hard on the back, so I left some for later.

Marty visits

I was expecting my friend Marty to come by. He showed up and we shot the bull for a bit at my place.

Ride up into the forest

Then we hopped in Hondo and went for a ride up into the hills. I wanted to visit three of my neighbors to talk about some future stuff, so we headed over to the first one and rode on down to their place but couldn’t find anyone around. They couldn’t be far as their hot tub was heating up as smoke was coming out of it. They use wood to fire it up. We drove around their place looking for them but in the end we didn’t find them. They must of been out riding their dirt bikes.

We headed out this road to another neighbor’s place and they were home. road1

The view from the neighbor’s place looking south.view2

We shot the bull for awhile and made off with a few of their fresh oranges off the tree.

From there we headed over to my cousin’s place and found them home with their two dogs. I gave them most of my fresh oranges and talked with them about some work I might do on their driveway this weekend if all goes well.

Then we headed up towards our rest spot at the top of the hill.

I did stop here and put Marty to work cutting this brush off the road.brush3

We made it to the top for a break.hondo4

The place has a nice view of the hilltops so we sat and enjoyed the view shooting the bull some more.view5

Then we continued our drive around my cousin’s property and then drove on up to the Guerneville Overlook for a bit.guerneville6

We headed for home from there, taking the long way home.

We had a nice drive around the forest for a nice leisurely day.

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