Dirt Bike Ride and Looking For An Old Turkey Vulture’s Nest

Saturday March 27, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Pruning in the raspberry patch

First thing I did today was do some pruning in my raspberry patch. The canes are sprouting so I can tell which canes are alive and which ones are dead. I cut off all the dead ones.patch1


The sun was out and the cherry trees are blooming.cherry2


Looking for the old turkey vulture’s nest

I’ve been thinking I’d like to go up in the hills and see if I could find an old turkey vulture’s nest I’d found four or five years ago, or was it longer.

I rode up into the hills where I thought I remembered the nest was but it was a long time ago and I just couldn’t remember exactly where, and the forest looks about the same in many places. I remembered it was by a spring and in a big hollowed out redwood stump that the tree had been cut down long ago.

Hiking around looking

I parked here and walked up above the bike looking for big redwood stumps that were hollow.bike4


Not this one

Here’s what a big redwood stump looks like that had been cut down in the old days. This one was not hollow inside and most of them I looked at weren’t hollow either.stump5


I walked through here looking at all the old stumps but I just couldn’t find the old hollow stump.forest7


Maybe this one, but no

This one was hollow and may have been it but if so it hadn’t been used in a long time.stump9


Not this one

Looking down the hollow stump. I remember the nest was in a hollow stump with a small hole near the bottom so the chick could get out and go to the spring to get water. I couldn’t find the small hole in this one so it’s not likely the one.stumphole13


Gave up and went for a ride

After a couple hours of hiking around looking I was tired out from all the up hills so I gave up and took off for a dirt bike ride up to the ridge top.

I stopped here and used the little log stools under the trees on the left for a break.overlook15


After a good break there I rode to this spot and stopped.bike16


Clearing rocks off the roads

I threw a bunch of sharp rocks off the road to make it easier for the dirt bikes to get through here.rocks17


And on the way home I stopped to throw these branches off the road that the recent winds knocked down. There’s always stuff on the roads that need to be cleared.road18


Nice cold drink of spring water

I’d left my loppers up in the hills where I was working on burying the spring water pipes so I stopped to get them. As long as I was up there I got a nice cold drink of spring water here on the way back down to the dirt bike.water19


Family memorial trees

I also stopped here at the family memorial where my Mom and Dad and a little brother are resting in peace. These are some of the largest redwoods on the property that never got logged.trees20


From there I scooted on home for a much needed nap.

After that I did some chair hopping around the yard just enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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