Watering, Old Car and Working In The Forest

Sunday March 28, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Yard work

I put the water on the blueberry patch first thing as I noticed the strawberry hangers could use some water.water


Starting my day

I usually walk around the yard waking up and getting it going.

I walked on by these periwinkles in full bloom.periwinkles2


And noticed the cherry blossoms are real heavy right now, full bloom. The bees were working them over.cherry7


Moving the old car

The chickens have been using  my old car to get up on and jump up on the shed roof and get out when they aren’t supposed to so I thought I’d move it back a bit which meant I’d have to clear a bunch of stuff out to make room for it. I keep the car around for parts.car3


Good start on it

I hadn’t planned on it but I started moving stuff and got most of it moved before my back said it’d had enough. I still had a few things to  move, maybe later this evening.spot4


Looking good

Once the water stopped in the blueberry patch I went in to have a look at the strawberry plants and blueberry plants. The blueberries have lots of blossoms and the strawberries are just starting to get some blooms.strawberries6


Tearing up the carrot patch

I turned the sprinkler on to water the carrot patch now that the carrots are gone. The chickens have been scratching in there but not really tearing up the ground deep so I think if I water it good they should start tearing up the ground looking for things to eat.water5


Working in the forest

Around three in the afternoon I hopped on the quad and rode it up into the hills where I was working on burying the spring water pipes. I parked here and went up the hill to work on the pipes.quad


I had most of the pipe covered but not all and had about a hundred feet to bury which took me until about 6:30 before I was done.pipe9


I was working in this draw with all he green moss, nice and peaceful.moss10


I have most of that pipe done but still have a couple little things to finish up on that one.

Very nice sit spot

As I walked down the trail to head on home I get to this spot and sit down for a break and to enjoy the forest before heading on home.sitting11


After a good break at home I was back outside looking on the old car. I finished moving all the stuff behind it, but.

Better to get it out of there

I think it would be better to just move it on out of this spot so it’d be easier to eventually get rid of it. So now where to  move it to.car12


A bit more chair hopping around the yard and that was it for today.

Nice day.

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