Chicken Feed Shopping and Replaced a Pool Pump

Friday March 26, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Armstrong Valley Farm

I needed to find my brother’s helper this morning to ask him some questions about his bee hives so I went over to  my brother’s garden. looking for him.

I looked in this garden first but he wasn’t there. His cover crop of mustard is about six feet


So I walked on over to his other garden and found Steve planting potatoes so I got the bee hive information  I wanted.potatoes


Ridiculous shipping charge

So I went back to my house and looked up what I wanted for his hive and didn’t like what I found out. They wanted 81 dollars for the part and 94 dollars to ship it. There was no reason for the shipping to be that high so I’ll have to do some more research and see if I can find the part some where else.

Chicken feed

Next I needed to get some more chicken feed and then go help my older brother Mike replace his old swimming pool pump that had gone bad.

So I drove on over to the feed store and they loaded up my car with the stuff I feed my chickens, oats, barley, milo, millet and black oil sun flower seeds. I had a car load.

Then on the way to my brother’s I stopped at a new grocery store and bought two heads of cabbage. The new store had a deal and I got two heads for a 1.98 total.

Mike’s place

It was on to Healdsburg where Mike lives to fix his pump problem. Mike’s just starting to get Parkinson’s so has some trouble messing with this stuff anymore.mike


Replacing the pump

We had to replace the old pump on the left with the new pump on the right. Things were going good until one of his plastic hose fittings cracked from age when I tried to get it off the pump hose.pumps


Testing the pump

Fortunately we were able to use an old  hose end in it’s place and get the pump replaced. We got it all back together and turned it on to test it and it looked ok as far as leaks.fixed


He left it running and we went over to his porch and shot the bull for a bit then went back and checked the pump for leaks.

Things leak

Both fittings going into the pump that he installed before I got there were leaking just a little. I had him find some better sealer and I took things apart and applied the better sealer and tightened things up and gave it another test. It passed this time.

Citrus fruit

Mike grows quite a bit of citrus that my brother Tom sells at the farmers market.

Here’s part of his citrus grove in his back yard.trees


We picked some citrus before I left for home. Yummycitrus


Headed home

I tried to visit one more friend on the way home but his gate was locked meaning he wasn’t home so I went on home.

Restocking the chicken feed shed

I did some resting up and just before dark I sweep out my feed shed.feedroom


And then moved all the feed I just bought into it. Now it’s nice and full for awhile. Happy chickens.feed


Good to get that stuff done today.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    It is always nice to stock up on food stuff, whether it be for you or the ‘family’. :)
    Good to help your brother with the pool pump and wow, what an orchard he has! There is so much fruit on those trees.
    Sounds like a good day and you got things accomplished with a bit of visiting too.

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