Doctors, Nurses and Fog

Friday June 27, 2014 Jenner CA.

A fun time at the doctors office

Today was the day for my annual doctors appointment at the VA. I first had to go down early around ten so they could take some blood and urine to do some tests as something got messed up and I hadn’t gotten that done when it should have been done.

The lady that took my blood was good and I didn’t feel a thing. She’s been there for years, so we shot the bull a bit.

After that, I left and I did some visiting and then went back at two for my appointment. Believe it or not, I had a lot of fun visiting with the nurses and my temporary Doc. who was a Russian lady with a healthy accent. :O)

My tests were all ok. The Doctor asked me if I made  this appointment just to come down and visit. I said, no, I made it so you could tell me everything is ok, which they did. :O)  We all did have a good visit, just the same.

Off for an afternoon paddle

From there I went on home and got something to eat and loaded the car for Jenner to kayak, a late afternoon kayak.

As I arrived at Jenner, the fog had just moved in and covered the town of Jenner. It was fairly thick stuff, but I could still see.  I put my boat in the water to a gentle breeze and paddled across to Penny Island and on up the south side of the river where the fog had lifted a little.

I pulled in here for a break. This was my view looking down river back to Jenner, completely fogged in.Jenner


Just up river from that, the fog had lifted a little and this was my view as I paddled along headed for eagle’s landing.upriver


Looking across the river from eagle’s landing is Paddy’s rock and I noticed there were a bunch of cormorants sitting on the gravel in the fog.cormorants


I continued on up the river at a slow pace. A kingfisher landed right up ahead of me. Should I try to get a picture or not. They are one of the most frustrating birds to take photos of, as just as you raise the camera, they fly off, almost every time.

But this one looked like it might sit there a bit longer in the fog, so I was able to get two shots before it flew off.kingfisher


I paddled along the shoreline heading for the rat nest beach area, which is just up ahead in this photo.upview


I went as far as the rat nest beach and sat there for awhile before heading back down the river.

This is the rat nest fairly well camouflaged with all the lush spring growth.ratnest


From there, I paddled over to Paddy’s rock and took a picture of the cormorants. There were also some merganser ducks resting there. I’m not real sure, but it seems there are more cormorants in the area right now?birds


Just past those cormorants was this one by itself, drying it’s wings.cormorant


I continued on down the river on the north shoreline in the fog along here where a great blue heron was resting and preening.heron


The great blue heron preening as I passed on by.heron2


River’s mouth area

Eventually, I made it down to the river’s mouth area which was also fogged in. The mouth was open, but maybe getting in position to close soon?

The river’s mouth in the fog, with some harbor seals resting on the sand.rivermouth


The fog was starting to lift as I left the mouth area and headed on back to the boat ramp.

This was my view as I looked back down towards the mouth area as the fog started to lift and as I left it for the boat ramp.westview


The fog was lifting and lifted all the way as I arrived back at the boat ramp.

This is my view as I headed to the boat ramp as the fog started to lift off of the town of Jenner.jenner2


I was off the water around seven PM and went on home for the day.

Had a nice day at the Doc’s and on the river too.

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