The Doc Looked at My Back Problem

Wednesday January 8, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Or, I finally got to see the Doc today

I was up a little early today, not to see the Doc, but because my heater fuel delivery guy was coming at ten to fill up my fuel tank, before it goes empty and I get cold. Not really, I’d start my wood stove first. :O)

Bonus picture, taken down at Jenner last year



The fuel guy showed up right at ten and got that tank all filled up. We shot the bull for a bit before he left and I got ready to go to my doctor appointment for my recent back problem that happened just before Christmas.

I should explain that I’ve been trying to get an appointment with the doc since Christmas and I had one set up, but then the doc got sick and I had to reschedule.

The receiving nurse checked me in and took my vitals. My blood pressure was high, but it always is at the docs. I have the white coat thing that makes it high at the docs office. She was very understanding of this as she said she had it too. That was good because I’ve had nurses get too concerned over the high blood pressure reading and give me a bad time about it. They just don’t believe me. I take my blood pressure at home so I know what it actually is. 120 over 60, with a pulse of 60 is what my average is, which isn’t bad. :O)

She said I probably didn’t want the flu shot because of possible corn stuff in the shot, but I explained that I had checked that out on the internet last night and it looked like there was no corn stuff in the solution, so I’ll take it if she could show me the ingredients. It took her awhile to find them and I didn’t see anything that was made from corn, so we were good to go on that one.

We shot the bull for a bit while we waited for the doc to get time for me. We talked a lot about the corn allergy problem and some other stuff before the Doc got around to me.

The doc asked a bunch of questions about my back and checked it out. I told her I’ve had a hard time finding over the counter drugs for the back problem because of the corn in most of them, which I am allergic to.

She said she thinks I just tore a muscle and there is no ruptured disk, which I thought was a good thing.

Somehow, she came up with Motrin and called the pharmacist to check it out for corn stuff. The Pharmacist said it didn’t have corn in it. I was in doubt, so she called him back and he said the drug had an ok for allergic to corn people. I’m still in doubt, but I went for it and will try it to see if any corn gets me and in the mean time I hope it will take care of at least some of the pain.

She also said she would set up an appointment with a physical therapist for me. And I had to go get some X-rays on my back as I’ve never had any before.

It took a while before I could get into the x-ray guy. I had planned to go down to Monte Rio to kayak today, but by the time I got out of there, the day was about shot, so I went on home and checked out the ingredients of Motrin on the internet. I see a couple questionable ingredients, but they could also be make from something besides corn, so I’m giving them a try.

So, I hope that the physical therapist doesn’t take up all my time, so I can’t get out kayaking and get my exercise. :O)

It was rather cool out today, so I guess it was a good day to see the doc, but tomorrow, I’m headed back to the water, likely Jenner.

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