Getting Some Chores Done Before the Next Storm Hit

Sunday February 18, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

I checked with the weather guys today and they said I had a couple or three hours before the rains started so I loaded up my chainsaws and shovel into my side by side and took off for the hills as I wanted to get a couple things done today before it got to raining.

Big tree

The first thing on the list was to cut this big tree off the road. At least enough to get by it. I’d worked on it a few days ago but ran out of chainsaw gas.rig1

I needed to get that last big log cut without it falling down and killing me.tree2

I made the cut and all was well, the rest of the log didn’t move on me. That’s how I planned it and that’s how it worked out. Nice.log3

I had my old saw and the one Barry gave to me, a Husky. I used my old saw to cut the log as I wanted to run it out of gas and I wasn’t sure Barry’s saw would start as it hadn’t been started in a long time.logcut4

Old saw, no start

When I gassed the saws at home the old saw still had a little gas in it so I dumped it out. The old gas looked and smelled ok, but I wanted  new gas in it as it hadn’t been started for a long time. Trying to start it once at the work site just wasn’t going to happen. It was real hard to pull the start rope. I pulled it, but not even a putt. It was so hard to pull, I had to give up. I’ll have to work on it at home and see if anything improves.

Wet spot

Once I’d cleared enough of the big log away to get by I moved down the road a short distance to this spot, a wet spot that needed ditching to get the water off the road.wetspot5

This wet spot needed drained so it wouldn’t be mushy.water6

Drained the road

I ran the shovel across the road to make a couple of shallow ditches to take the water off the road. Now it can dry out in time.ditching7

The water was popping out of the hill like a spring in  this spot, so I made the ditch go across the road to drain it and keep the water from running down the road and making a larger ditch, called erosion.water8


I got that done and moved down the road a bit further. I hadn’t planned to cut this tree out of the road, but when I went under it, it rubbed the rig’s roof badly, so I got out the chainsaw and cut it up and cleared it off the road.tree9


From there, I made it to this overlook site where I parked for a break and to watch the rain come in.rig10

Storm coming in

When I arrived at that spot, it wasn’t raining yet, but it was on the way.sky11

As I sat there the wind came up a bit. I was going to leave for home, but instead I decided to stay and watch the storm come in.

The wind came up some and got a bit gusty before the showers started.

I could see the rain start coming down off to the right there, not far from me.rain12

Stayed dry

I headed out and on the way home, the showers started, but I  made it home dry which was good.

Once home the rain started to pick up, so I had a nap and spent the rest of the day inside.

Nice day.

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