Lift Up Sides Or Not On the Garden Enclosure

Wednesday March 22, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Working on the garden enclosure

With the wind up and possible thunder showers I decided to stay home and get some more work done on my garden enclosure. I welded four of these rebar panels together for the enclosure roof. I still need to put some chicken wire on each piece, but that can wait for now.roofp


Lift up sides or not

I changed my mind back and forth on what to do for the enclosure sides. First I was going to make them open up, then I decided not to. The best way to find out what would work best is to test it out, so I built a lift up side panel and tested it out.

Here I’ve installed one side panel that hinges with some wire at the top and just hangs down when closed.panel


The bottom can be lifted up and supported so one can do stuff in the garden more easily.opengate


Lift up sides won out

After the test  I could see the advantages of the side panels lifting up. I don’t have enough rebar to make more so I’ll have to make another shopping run soon.

It threatened to rain on me once and even sprinkled a bit, but in the end the day was mostly dry so I was able to get some welding done.

The day cooled down

I finished that just before dark. I was sitting outside enjoying the day until the day started cooling down so I went on in and that was my day.

Oh, the cherry trees are still blooming and a day of no rain is a good thing as they don’t like water when they are blooming as far as setting fruit.trees

That’s it.

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