Easy Hike at Horse Tank in the Kofa.

Saturday Friday 15, 2020 Horse Tank, Kofa, Arizona

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Horse Tank hike

We got up and got things going and were off on our hike around 11.


We went by this cave with grinding and cooking holes in it I call the kitchen..kitchen


Up the creek

Then we continued on out past that and headed to the next wash past the kitchen going out through here. We will be walking up that area going up the right following a creek.walk


We are walking up this creek to get into this area. The  hiking was easy going up the rocky creek bed.dan2


Lots of water

It turned out there was quite a bit of water in the creek from the rains.creek


We continued on up the creek to get back into the  hills.dan



When the creek started to go up into the mountains we found this water hole which they call tanks down here which are water holes for the wild animals.tank


We looked around some more and found this other tank full of water.tank2



This old dam was below that tank but not holding any water. We looked for a date in the cement but we didn’t find any dates.dam


Easy going

We decided we were getting enough exercise without climbing up into the mountains so turned back to the desert where it was mostly flat and easy going.

We walked out into the desert here to  have a look around.walking


We walked up on this hill out there were we had a good view of things.desert


Headed back to camp

We could see our camp way out there so headed in that direction.camp


On the way we saw this truck go by. One of two cars that came in today which I thought was weird as it was a Saturday when there’s usually a bunch of cars coming in, but not today.truck


We made it back to camp not all tired out because we took it easy.

More of a happy day

It was time for an early happy hour, or day I guess as we sat around camp the rest of the day and just enjoyed ourselves.dncamp


Peaceful day

Without hardly anyone driving in today, it was real peaceful.

Nice hike, nice day.

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