Headed for the Kofa Refuge Area

Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2013, Quartzsite, AZ.

Gassing up and headed for the Kofa

I’ m camped at my Sunkist Road camp, just outside of Quartzsite to the north east. I’ll be breaking camp shortly, to head for the library to post this and then to the gas station to gas up for the trip to Kofa.

The Kofa Refuge Area

The Kofa Refuge is south of Quartzsite, so I’ll be heading down highway 95 a ways to the King Road access road.

My plan is to take that road to the first road that takes off to the right, once I enter the refuge. This should take me to what they call Horse Tank. Down here, a tank is a water hole or a developed water source built for the wild animals, especially the big horned sheep in this area.

Was there last year with Marty

I was at this area briefly last year with Marty. There is a lot of Indian stuff in this area. It also looked like a real nice area to hike around in and explore the desert.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be out there, at least a few days, so no posts until I get back.

I made it to the Quartzsite library. I’ve been doing a leisurely pace today, as the weather is nice.

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