Leaving the Kofa and Doing Some Resupply in Quartzsite

Monday February 17, 2020 Quartzsite Arizona

Resupplying in Quartzsite

We packed up and left Horse Tank in the Kofa and were on the road headed to Quartzsite around 11.  In about an hour we were back in Q where Dan went his way to do what he needed to do and I went over to see what Marty was up to and give him a report of what we’d been up to.

I only had a half hour to shot the bull as his wife Patti had to get to the doctors office up north for an appointment. I posted my blogs and then did some shopping and went over to the library for some more internet.

Dan showed up at the library soon after I did were I informed him of what was going on. I left him there and went over to my camp spot just outside of town.

Nap time

I needed a nap so that’s what I did then I collected some firewood for a fire tonight which we had and it was nice.


Tomorrow we are headed back to the Kofa. We are going to the Palm Canyon area for a few days to do some more hiking in the canyon where Skull rock is located.

We’ll be out there hiking and enjoying ourselves for a few days so no internet for a few days until I get back to Quartzsite.

We had a nice restful day and a nice camp fire this evening.

Nice weather, nice day

Headed back out to the Kofa to Palm Canyon.

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  1. Patsy says:

    Sounds like all is well in your world!
    Continue to enjoy the peacefulness of the desert.

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