Elementary School Reunion Kayaking Monte Rio Up

Friday July 11, 2014 Monte Rio CA.

Paddling with my ol class mates

I got up this morning and got all my kayaks loaded on my car and went on down to were most of my classmates were staying in this ol cabin in the redwood trees.cabin


They were all up and mostly ready to go, so off we went to Monte Rio boat ramp for a day kayaking the river.

Here we are at the Monte Rio boat ramp, putting our boats in the water.boatramp


We headed on up the river. Just above Monte Rio, I called a group picture, mostly to slow everybody down a bit.

Here they are trying to get into a small group for the photo. I’ve learned that groups take longer to get it together when kayaking.gang


After the group photos, we continued on up the river at a slow pace. Here we are just below the Northwood gulf course area going up the river. I’ve go em slowed down by now and I like the pace.upriver


At the Boho hole, I called another group picture to get them to sit and enjoy this nice area for a bit and it worked.gang2


By now, I had everyone moving along up the river at a nice slow pace, which was very comfortable.up


Lunch time

We pulled over at this beach to have some lunch and a rest for an hour or so.lunch


We then got back in our boats and headed up the river some more. Everyone was well rested, so off we went.getin


Some one spotted a turtle on a log on the edge of the river. Some noted they never saw a turtle on the river while growing up here playing as kids.turte 


Turned around here

We paddled up to this spot, before it got shallow, so we turned around at the this point and started back at a slow pace.  By now, I was real happy with their slow pace and we were all enjoying the nice day.turning


Here we are going by the Boho’s beach heading down the river.group2


Wood ducks

We passed one dock that had a momma and her baby wood ducks sitting on it. Amazingly, they didn’t take off as we passed. Only in Monte Rio is that possible as wood ducks are usually very timid. woodducks


Back at the boat ramp

We arrived back at the boat ramp at about four PM and got our boats loaded and went on back to the cabin.ramp


An enjoyable evening

I left them to get dinner and went on home for my cornless dinner and was back about 6:30 for an enjoyable evening around the campfire which is just out of sight below the fern in the front.nightg

We talked about this and that and a lot of old times stuff too. Just after 10 PM, they were beat and headed to bed, which was my cue to head on home.

A very nice day with my old grammar school classmates.

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