Grammar School Reunion Picnic at Armstrong Woods State Park

Saturday 12, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Last Day of our reunion

Today, we had planned a picnic in the park which was right near my house, so after I got it going for the day, I walked on up to the picnic area, about a mile and a half. Most of the gang was already there as I arrived.

The food table is getting set up and the chatting


The cooks shooting the bull and doing a little cooking too.cooks


Here we are eating and chatting away. The weather was perfect, with only a few yellow jackets out trying to steal our food. Since they live in the park, they have lots of experience doing this, but they weren’t really too bad.jess


More eating from the opposite end of the tables.



It was close to Elaine’s birthday so someone bought a cake to surprise her. That’s her in the blackish dress, having a good time, cutting the cake. Elaine is Ray’s wife and the gang adopted her into our class.elaine


Some of the gang eating cake and shooting the bull. :O)



From there we resumed back at the cabin with this campfire until about ten PM, when I was sent home. They had to do some cleaning so they could get an early start out tomorrow headed for their homes.campfire


As usual we had an enjoyable three days together. We parted until next year, when we hope to do it again.

Good health to all, ol friends.

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