Enjoying the Rain Storms and Getting Some Stuff Done Too

Wednesday January 27, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It rained last night good and was still raining today when I got it going.

Full feed shed

It did finally let up a bit so I was able to go out and unload the chicken feed from the car and get it into the feed shed just before the rains started again.feedshed


The rain slowed down late in the day so I let the chickens into the front yard to graze. A little rain doesn’t bother them much.chickens


Making hanging strawberry planters

With the rain almost stopped for a bit I got out the saw and cut up the 20 foot pipe into three sections.pipe


Then I cut out a side on each piece for strawberry plantings. The rain picked up once and I had to take a break for a bit before continuing between the big rain drops.pipecut


I was just barely able to get them all cut up before the rain forced me to quit and get out of it.planters


At least I got a good start on those strawberry planters. Now I need to make some boards to plug up the ends half way leaving enough room for a plant on each end.

Enjoying the rain

It was lightly raining now with big rain drops as I sat and watched and enjoyed the evening.rain


Powers out

Just about dark  my brother Tom comes over with five gallons of gas and says the power is out and we need to start our generator. Humm, that power must of gone out just after I cut those pipes and never noticed it.

Getting the generator going

We always have to fiddle with the generator before getting it started. It’s always a little low on oil for some reason and so it needs to be filled or it won’t start. And the other problem is we can barely pull the starter as Tom has a bad back so I had to do my best. I didn’t think it was going to start as I can barely pull the rope and only slowly and I’d already pulled it about ten times and was about to give up when I gave it my all and it started up.gen


I’m able to do this blog because we got the generator started and now I’m comfy inside the house except for hearing that noisy generator. :O)

So far the rains have been enjoyable and there’s more to come I hear which is good as we need it.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m so interested in your strawberry planting. Can’t wait to see how you do it.

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