Springs, Dozers and Jenner Sunsets

Sunday October 6, 2013 Jenner, CA.

Springs and dozers

My friend Marty came by for coffee this morning, so we had a good visit and shot the bull for awhile.

When he left, I got some diesel and tools together and hopped on my little four wheeler and went up the hill to the spring I’ve been working on. I wanted to plug it up and back the water up and then unplug it to help clean it out. I did this a few times.

This picture shows all the nice water coming out of this spring after I backed it up. Too bad it wouldn’t always flow this much.spring


From there I went over to where our bulldozer has been parked since last winter and put the diesel in it and checked the oils and fixed a battery clamp. Now, all it needs is a good battery and it should start, hopefully.dozer


I went for a ride and checked some more things out up there and then came on home.

Off to Jenner to Kayak for the evening

I found something to eat and then had a nap before going down to Jenner just before five PM.

Again, I checked out the river’s mouth from the highway one overlook. This is what it looks like, about the same. Closed up tight, but a nice day.rivermouthclosed


From there I went back to the Jenner visitor’s center and put my boat in the water. On the way out, I took a photo of the water level gauge. Just about seven feet, it’s rising very slowly, less then an inch a day.

Because of this, the mouth of the river will likely remain closed as it will take a long time to get to a level where the building is in danger of flooding, just under ten feet.gage


This might not be good for the salmon that might be out in the ocean waiting to come into the river to spawn. It will be interesting to see if they open it sooner because of this?

I paddled across to Penny Island and this was the view looking down river towards the mouth, the sun still had a ways to go to go down here.riverview


As I paddled past the west end of Penny Island I saw these coots or mud hens. Lots of them show up about this time of year, in the hundreds. These are the first ones. I think they eat all the dead vegetation in the water. That’s what they are here for as far as I can tell.coots


From there I paddled down to the river’s mouth area. While I was there a bunch of seals took off running over the sand towards the ocean.seals


Sunset time

I stayed around the mouth area for awhile until I saw the sun was really going to go down and then I backed off to get some sunset photos, although I’m getting sick of taking them as I seem to be doing a lot of this lately. It was a real nice sunset as there were some clouds in the sky which give sunsets a lot more character, which means I snap a lot more photos to sort through to find just a couple of the best ones.

The sun is starting down. I’m at the west end of Penny Island watching it.sunset2


Going down.sunset


The reflections were really nice tonight, with no wind too.sunset4


It’s just about gone in this one.sunset6


It was so nice out, I stayed out there for a bit longer after the sun went down and just enjoyed the evening, before working my way back to the visitor’s center take out area. I was off the water about eight PM tonight and went on home.

Another nice day.

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