Fall Dirt Bike Ride With Barry Up In the Hills and Goats

Tuesday November 10, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

My brother Barry was out in the yard with his dirt bike in his truck this morning so I joined him for a dirt bike up up into the hills.

We rode up to where I found the old road the other day and checked it out. While I was pruning some brush off the road he rode up the old road to try it out. He said it needs some work where it comes out as it was hard to  make the turn at the last part so I didn’t try it out.barry


Old roads

There’s quite a few old roads up in the hills from past logging and firewood cutting and fire breaks in past years. Some of them are steep and some aren’t so you can pick and choose just how tough you want to ride. We do some of each but I leave the real steep ones for Barry and his hot dirt bike.


Break spot

From there we rode around a bit and stopped at this spot at the Top of the World for a break.resting


We took off from that spot headed down the hill and into a creek canyon below. I said let’s stop at the goat ladies as we’ll be going by her place.

Headed down to the creek.ride


Goat ladies place

We caught the goat lady at a bad time as she was in a hurry to get all her animals fed and had to leave to go some place.animls


She likes animals

A big dog and a little dog and a rat on her shoulder and lots of goats. She does seem to like her animals. I offered to give her some of my rats but she said one was enough trouble.rat


Since she was busy we didn’t stay long and took off to the hill top up the road a bit.goats


Riding plans

At the top we stopped to make some plans where to ride and then took off riding around the hills before returning to  my house.plans


At my house we made some plans to go kayaking tomorrow, weather permitting. Looks like the weather will be nice with low winds.

Barry took off for home and I puttered around the yard doing little odds and ends.

It tried to rain in the afternoon but all we got was a light fine mist for a bit.

Onion supplier

I did go over to my brother Tom’s to get some onions. I do well with his rejects, like the ones that are starting to sprout which aren’t very  sellable but are just fine for me.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Fall Dirt Bike Ride With Barry Up In the Hills and Goats

  1. Nancy K says:

    Yup … that’s a lot of goats to feed!! A rat on her shoulder? No thank you. I probably wouldn’t mind the pet variety, but I don’t think they are house trained!! Eeeek!!!

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Now that sounds like a fun day! Wow, the goat lady has a ton of goats!!
    My sister used to have a pet white rat that sat on our shoulders too.
    Maybe you should befriend yours and they wouldn’t get into things they shouldn’t. Ha ha

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