Paddling Jenner With Barry and Mary Jane

Wednesday November 11, 2020 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

My brother Barry wanted to take his wife out to try out a kayak so we headed on down to Jenner around noon to let her have at it.

There was a bit of a chill in the air but the wind was down so it was a nice day for paddling.

Headed to the closed mouth

We got our boats in the water without too much trouble and paddled across to Penny Island and then headed on down towards the river’s mouth area. Since the water level was up I knew the river’s mouth had closed up again which makes this a big lake.

Paddling down along the island’s edge.yaks


As we got close we could see some birds but not near as many as last week.birds2


They stopped for a picture just before getting into all the birds.yakkers3


Nope, no harbor seals

We checked out the birds for a bit and I looked for the harbor seals but didn’t see any. I thought they might be on the other side of the birds so we headed on down through them to Hay Stack rock at the end of the river to see if there were any seals down that way.

We decided to go to shore to have a look at the ocean and see if there were any harbor seals on that side.

We landed here on the sandy beach and walked over the sand to the ocean.landing


Ocean views

I looked north but no harbor seals, just a few gulls.oceannorth


And looking south, still no seals.oceansouth


We got back in our boats and went back over to the closed mouth area to watch birds for a bit.backin


There weren’t too many brown pelicans here today but some were coming in off the ocean, likely after chowing down out there on small fish. The pelicans were coming back from the ocean around noon before but with the time change I think we were just a bit early as there seemed to be more coming in as we left the area and headed back.

Bath time

They splash a lot taking a bath in the fresh river water and doing some preening too.pels5


My brother’s wife, Mary Jane said she’d had enough and headed back to the boat ramp with us following, something about sore muscles here and there. :O)

We got our boats back on the rigs and  went on home for the day.

Chickens know

When I got home my chickens were waiting for  me to let them out to graze. No body told them about the time change either and they get set in their ways. I let them out.chickens


I was trying to think what I did after that. Seems I ate some food and did a a bit of chair hopping and the day was over.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice that Mary Jane got out in the kayak. I’m sure she loved it and will want to go again. I enjoyed ours for the short time we had it but just didn’t push ourselves to get out and make use of the water around us. Loading in the back of the truck each time didn’t appeal to Bill. Glad MJ got to see some pelicans too, unfortunately no seals. Next time!

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