Moving Dirt, Fuel Delivery, Dirt Bike Ride and a Walk In the Forest

Monday November 9, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Moving dirt

I had a couple loads of dirt I wanted to move out of the chicken’s pen so I got the wheelbarrow and a shovel to move them. I wanted to put some wood chips in there instead of the dirt. That means I needed to move some dirt out to make room for the woodchips.dirt


These cherry trees needed some dirt so I dumped it here on their roots.trees


Fuel delivery

I didn’t get around to moving the woodchips today as my fuel oil delivery guy showed up with his big truck and delivered some fuel for the tractors. After the delivery we sat around and shot the bull for a bit.

More yard fertilizer

I spent a good part of the day fertilizing the yard with the new inline hose fertilizers I just got. I set them up and turn them on and do some chair hopping  and just puttering around the yard.

Dirt bike ride and a walk

In the late afternoon I hopped on the dirt bike and rode it up into the hills mostly for a ride. I also wanted to go for a little walk through the forest in this spot so I stopped the bike here and walked down this road.road3


And on through here.road4


The road ended here but I keep going on through the forest.trail


The forest wasn’t too thick so it was easy to walk through.forest


I came out on this road and made my way back to the dirt bike.road7


From there I went for a dirt bike ride around the hills and stopped


Spring water drink

For a drink of nice fresh spring water.water


Old road

Then I rode over to this old road which I’d never been down so I walked it out to see where it came out. A little brush trimming and we can use that old road.road10


By the time I made it back home it was almost dark so I put the bike away and checked on the chickens. They were already in their roost so I closed them in for the night and went in the house to warm up a bit after getting the wood stove going.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m wondering why so many little roads. Are those all from logging? What a great place to wander.

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