Finishing Up the Van Work and Kayaking Jenner

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Started out the day working on the van.

I was hoping the sun was going to be out good and strong today, as I wanted to glue the carpet in my van side door today and that would help the contact cement to dry faster. My plan was to glue some auto carpet to the inside of the van side door for several reasons. One is, it stops the water condensation from forming in there and two, it helps insulate the exterior wall and three, it looks better.

It looked like there was going to be some clouds today, so I put a little electric heater in there before I got started. First, I had to clean out all the old stuff in there. Some real old yellow insulation and a bunch of old rags that must have been in there for almost forever. Yuck. Then a bit of vacuuming to get all the stuff out of that hole.

Contact cement to the inside of the door.

Next, spray the inside of the door with contact cement and let it dry good, which wasn’t happening fast enough. I started to put some carpet in the door and it was sticking to everything, not working, that’s when I decided I better let the cement dry better, so it wouldn’t’ stick to the carpet before I wanted it too. It’s very hard to work inside a door, only three inches to get my big hand in there to push the carpet where I wanted it. So……………..

Fabricate the new mud flap for the propane tank.

Time to work on something else to give the cement time to dry. The mud flap for the new under the van propane tank needed fabricating, since I haven’t found a piece of old truck mud flap yet, I decided to make it out of a piece of sheet metal for now. That would have to do until I found a piece of truck mud flap.

So, looking around in my real messy garage, I located a piece of sheet metal to do the job and formed it and painted it several times.

Got a little contact cement in my hair.

While the paint was drying, I went back to work on the carpet project and was able to get all the carpet in the door with  just a bit of hassle. I did get some of the cement in my hair, a no, no. :O)

By that time, the paint was dry enough for me to put the new mud flap on the van.

Below, you can see the new brown sheet metal mud flap that will hopefully keep the mud off my propane tank valves. Looks pretty good. You can also see the mud that got sprayed up there from the front tire that I’m trying to block. Hopefully, that brown thing will be covered with mud next time and not the propane tank valves.



And still time to get some kayaking in.

I had told Steve, I’d try to make it down to Jenner by three for a yak and I still had time to make that.

Off I went to Jenner. Steve had just pulled in with his boat, as he’d been there most of the day.

I got my boat in the water and we crossed the river to Penny Island. The tide was coming in, so we were able to cut through the little channel on the east end and go around to the back side of the island and slowly worked our way down toward the mouth of the river. The wind had come up a bit, there was a dampness in the air, as in a cool mist, but other wise it was nice, as we were dressed warm.

The Pacific ocean was real rough today.

The Pacific ocean was real rough today, with big waves beating up on the sandy beach

Below is a picture looking out the river’s mouth, into the Pacific ocean.



Below, is another picture, a bit closer, looking out the river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean. It’s rough out there, nice to be in the river.



We sat around the mouth area for awhile, one of my place is behind this big rock.


Seals and sea lions were in the water fishing.

There were some harbor seals in the water and as the high tide came into the river a couple sea lions were working the waters for fish. Not as much fish action the last couple days as the week before.

Below, you can see one of the sea lions that passed by us.



It was cool, we headed back to the take out at the visitor’s center just a little after five PM.

Below, you can see Steve all bundled up and headed in for the day.



The sun was on it’s way down as we were headed in for the day. Below, you can see the sun and the big wave from the ocean crashing over the sand beach on the left of the photo.



We were off the water around five thirty and headed home. Another nice day on the Russian River.

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