Fixed a Few Things and Continued with My Doctoring

Friday October 20,  2017 Guerneville CA.

Commotion out front

Around noon today I heard a commotion out in the front yard. I could see my brothers Mike and Barry where there with their new motorcycles.truck1


Fixing the crossing

I’d been wanting to fix a crossing up on the hill so Barry said let’s do it.

We drove up to this spot where the water crosses the road.workspot


Let nature do it

This ditch needs a small dam in it to hold back the debrie that comes down in a storm. The small dam will catch the rocks and build and fill the ditch up thus improving the crossing and preventing erosion.barry2


I supervised while Barry did the work. We installed some metal stakes.stakes3


We put a bit of chicken wire in front of the stakes. That should be good enough to catch stuff and fill this ditch back up.dam4


He was eager to be off on a ride

After finishing that, we drove back to my house and Barry jumped on his new bike and was off headed up in the hills.cycle6


Needed to move some rock

Another brother Tom left his tractor in my shed, so I found my key and got some rock here by the well.rock6


And moved it to the old wood shed where the rock floor had been sinking because a huge redwood stump is under the ground slowly rotting away.



Main gate work

As long as I had the tractor I moved some of this dirt and flattened things a bit at the main gate.gate9


This is the rock I moved to the shed after I raked it out a bit.port10


To get gooey or not

I had been trying to make up my mind on whether to do the cortisone cream all over my body again today as it seems to be helping clear up the rash or is it the antibiotics doing it. Don’t know so I need to do the cream some more, so this afternoon I finally decided to just do it.

I started with an oat bath on the back porch again, then a hot shower then I smeared the cream on all over. My skin must be improving as it only took one tube of the stuff compared to a tube and a half yesterday. Once the cream is all over it needs time to soak in. Of course with it being all sticky and all, it’s rather uncomfortable for the first couple hours. I eventually put on some pajama’s and it’s still rather uncomfortable, just sticky stuff and with all the steroids in it, I think that makes my skin feel weird too. Of course I can’t do anything or I get sticky all over everything.

Dam that biopsy is deep

During the bath process my bandages came off the biopsy sites. The ones she did as a punch looked good, but the one she did like a skin graph looked not so good. It was about three quarters of an inch by three quarters of an inch square and about a quarter inch deep. I was surprised it was that deep, no wander it was hurting a bit. It hasn’t scabbed over yet so I need to keep it in the air and keep an eye on it to make sure it heals up properly.

That’s pretty much how my day ended up, sticky.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Dedication to your health issues is what you need and you sure seem to have it. Glad to hear something is working for you, sticky situation or not!

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