Checking and Cleaning Up Our Forest Roads With My Brother’s Barry and Mike

Friday December 30, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Headed up the hill with some brothers

I heard my brother’s truck in the yard this morning around ten. I knew he was heading up the hill to do some road checking and cleaning with my older brother. So I got it going and rode up the hill on my quad runner to help them out.

Checked and cleaned up roads

We parked here and walked some roads throwing sticks and rocks off them and checking for any place water was starting to do any damage and repaired any of those spots, of which there were very few as all our roads are what they call out-sloped, meaning they slope to the down side so water just runs over them instead of down them, so there is very little water problems on these types of roads.

We are taking a break here after our walk down some roads. Barry on the left and Mike on the right.stop1


Cutting up some dead trees

We drove on up the road to this spot to check out some downed trees that could use cleaned up.sawarea


Barry had his small chain saw and decided to cut some of it up. He’s starting the saw here while Mike supervises.startsaw


Barry’s cutting up this dead stuff.barrysaw


Stuck the saw

Well, he was until his saw got stuck in a tree and pinched the end of it so the saw wouldn’t go around again. We did some filing and tweaking on the chain, but then he couldn’t get it started.

Here he’s asking Mike to  have a look at the saw settings to see if he had them set right to start. Neither one of them seem to be able to see clearly up close, including me without my glasses.seesaw


They finally got the setting right and it started right up so Barry continued to cut up the dry stuff for a bit.sawbarry


From there we drove on up to this spot on the ridge top and parked.cabinarea


Guerneville overlook

We walked the short distance down to this spot that overlooks the town of Guerneville. Looks like I caught Mike pulling up his shorts. :O)overlook


When we got back where the truck was parked, I left first and went on down the hill on this road.forestroad


Riding along through here.roaddown


Delicious apple

Near the bottom I stopped to get a winter apple here. Winter apples that are still on the tree after a frost are the best. Crunchy, sweet, juicy, fruity. Yum. I ate one of them and it was delicious.apples


Armstrong Valley Farm

I had to return a borrowed rake to my brother Tom’s garden so I stopped here to put the rake back. Part of his garden and part of his chickens. He does Armstrong Valley Farm and sells at the farmer’s


I went on home and put things away and got something to eat then went outside to enjoy the rest of the day.

Brother’s shooting the bull

My three brother’s from the left, Mike, Barry and Tom. They were shooting the bull as I sat on my chair and watched them.brothers


It soon started getting dark and cooling down so I headed on in for the day.

That was my day.

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