Foggy and Windy, Nice Day for a Hike

Tuesday, May 28, 2013, Jenner, CA.

A paddle and a hike today

When I arrived at Jenner today, it was a bit on the foggy side. I put the boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island and into the small channel on the east end. It was fairly foggy and the wind was blowing a bit. Fog was blowing on up the river and the wind was driving it. I sat around in that nice channel for awhile deciding what to do today.

I decided to head down to the center of Penny Island and put ashore for a hike on the island. That would get me out of the wind. The mouth of the river was still closed so the water was high and it was easy to get to shore.

Below is were I put in near the middle of the north side of Penny Island. This is looking toward the town of Jenner through the fog.



It’s not easy to walk around on Penny Island as the brush is heavy and it’s hard to get through it. Knowing where to go helps a bit.

Below is what it looks like walking around on the island. This is looking toward the old house which you can’t see, but is falling apart under the big tree.



Below is what it looks like in the center of the island. when the water gets real high, usually from and extended mouth closure, this area gets flooded by water and I can kayak it.



I spent a couple hours on the island. Interesting, just after I landed the fog cleared out for a while.

Below is my kayak where I put ashore on the island and am just ready to shove back off.



While I was on the island the wind picked up some more. Below is my kayak as I worked my way up the side of the island as I headed to the west end of it.



Below the wind can be seen in the form of waves and the fog started to blow up the river on and off. This picture is looking down the river toward the river’s mouth, which is in the fog.



There is a drainage ditch near the west end of the island which I pulled into to get out of the wind for a bit. Note the fog has blown off for the moment and you can see the town of Jenner.



I moved through the wind to the west end of Penny Island and the fog came back. Below, I’m stopped on the west end of Penny Island for a bit.



Since I already knew the mouth of the river was closed, because of the high water, I decided not to go down there today, but paddled around to the back side of Penny Island and went up the channel.

Below, the fog has moved back in the back side of Penny Island as I paddled up it toward the east end.



There were a lot of berries hanging over the water as I went by. These are Salmon berries. They look real good, but aren’t especially great to eat as they are a bit on the tart side with very little flavor.



I paddled back into the little channel which is out of the wind on the east side of Penny Island again and hung around there for awhile. The wind was about twenty miles and hour, not really too bad. After awhile I called it a day and made my way across the main river channel to the visitor’s center where I took my boat out of the water and went on home for the day.

Had a nice day, even with the fog and the wind.

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