Misty, Drizzly Jenner, But Nice

Monday May 27, 2013, Jenner, CA.

The weatherman said showers today

It was a bit overcast, but not showering yet when I got up this morning. I puttered around and didn’t get much done.

I did finish installing the pizzo igniter on my propane grill. I tried out some steak on it for lunch. The igniter works real well. It was worth installing it. And the steak was good too. :O)

It seemed like a good idea to go down to Jenner around two pm today, to avoid the holiday crowd. It’s not that there are too many boats in the water, it’s that they take up a lot of the parking in Jenner, as it is very limited. Most of the people kayak in the morning to avoid the wind, so late is usually better for me during busy times.

  Just as I was getting ready to leave, the showers started at my house. It was more of a light drizzle. That didn’t deter me as I have rain gear, so off I went to Jenner to kayak. When I got there I wasn’t drizzling, so I just put on my usual wind breaker, which is also a rain coat top and shoved off. Before I across the river, the mist came in, a light drizzle. I paddled across to the island and tried to take refuge in the little channel on the east end. There are some big trees there, but.. It had been drizzling before I got there and the trees where wet though, which means big drops where coming down from them that was worse than being out in the misty drizzle. I sat around in the area for awhile, then decided it would be good to back to the car and get my rain pants on. That way I would be warm and comfortable and the fact that I got the pants might mean the drizzle would stop? Wishful thinking here. :O)

This is the channel where I hung out for a bit on the east end of Penny Island, just before I went back to the car for my rain jacket.



Once I got my rain jacket on, I headed back up the river about a mile, just taking it easy. One place I stopped for a bit had these flowers on the shoreline.



The wind was really down, but it continued to mist and sometimes drizzle a bit. I headed back down the river to the island again, where I crossed over to the main cannel and headed down toward the rivers mouth. There were some geese with little ones on the east end of the island as I passed. Note the two little ones in the middle are growing fast.



I worked my way down to the river’s mouth in the mist. The river’s mouth was closed with sand at the jetty.

Below is a picture of the jetty with sand piled up on it closing the river’s mouth. The ocean is on the other side of this and was making a lot of noise crashing on the beach.



As I passed the mouth area, I spied these pelican’s on the beach with a great blue heron. Note the misty conditions.


I stayed around the mouth area for awhile before heading back up the river to the take out. Not much happening down there today with the weather like this, but it was a good day, never the less.

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