Some Shopping, Now I Have a Grill in the Van

Wednesday, May 29, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

I’d like to be off on a trip,………..But

I only have a couple more things to do to my van to have it ready for a trip. I’d like to do a trip, but the darn dentist and doctors have my appointments all spread out. There isn’t much time between appointments to take a good trip.

Never the less, I needed to get some gas line parts and a gas valve to install the new propane grill so it works off the van propane tank.

I was off to the city of Santa Rosa this morning to hunt down a suitable gas valve and I needed to go to Costco to resupply some food, so I can keep eating.

On the way, I thought it might be nice to go by the local tire shop and get the tires rotated, as I’m way over the time. When I got there no one else was there so they got me right in and with three guys working on it, I was in and out. I like that.

The Napa parts house was right next store so I went over there and got ten feet of gas hose so I can run the new grill outside the van, as a grill inside wouldn’t work out too well. :O) Just a bit on the smoky side.  I also ordered a new steering damper as the one that is on the van, lost all it’s oil just recently. Seems I just put that in there a couple years ago. I hope the new one lasts a bit longer than that.

Next I headed to a big hardware store and found the gas valves I needed and got some more clamps too.

And after that, I went to Costco. Now, since I’m allergic to corn and all the stuff they make out of it, my shopping goes like this. Pick up an item and look for the ingredients on the label. They always seem to be small print and lots of times hard to find on the label. I read it and look for all the things corn is made into and are not labeled as corn. I think over ninety percent of the stuff I pick up, I have to put back because of corn stuff in them. If I find something that looks ok on the ingredients, I buy it and take a chance, because there may still be corn stuff in the product. I think my shopping takes over three times longer now. And most of the goody type stuff, forget it, most of it has corn stuff in it.

Somehow, I got half a basket full of stuff to try, just the same. Oh, and the stuff with no corn stuff is usually the expensive stuff, but what the hey? Now that I can’t eat many things, I can spend more for the few things I can eat. It all equals out, somehow.

From there I went over and did some visiting with friends for awhile before heading home. When I got home, I was just able to put all the stuff away, before a nap hit. Going to a city to shop is a lot like going to the ocean. When you get done and return home, you need a nap for some reason.

I got my nap, a good long one, before I went outside and hooked up the new gas line for the grill, which is now installed. I’ll have to test it out soon by cooking something on it.

I also put some wire around my four new cherry trees as a deer has been sneaking into the yard and eating the leaves off the branches. That deer better watch out. :O)

That’s the story of today. Had a nice day.

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