Forest Fire Pictures and a Nice Paddle At Jenner

Wednesday May 26, 2021 Jenner CA.

Meeting in the park

I was to meet Michele Luna at the gate in Armstrong Park at noon today so at the appropriate time I drove up to the park gate and parked and waited for her to show up which she did shortly.park1


Michele pretty  much runs this park and during the recent forest fire she asked for my forest fire pictures to do some kind of visitor center presentation so I said sure you can have them all so I wanted to take care of transferring all the forest fire pictures to her. We loaded them on her laptop.

Then I had some other business to discuss with her that went well and we shot the bull for a bit before I left for home.

Here’s where Michele and I met in the park.michele2


Windy for a yak, but

When I got home I felt like going for a yak. I checked the wind report and it was a bit high around 15 miles per hour but what the heck, I could handle that so I got my stuff and headed for Jenner arriving around 2PM.

Busy boat ramp

There were some big boat rental trailers parked at the ramp to receive a bunch of boats headed our way that I could see would be at the ramp real soon. The boat rental people were courteous enough not to block the ramp so I was able to back down to the water and unload my boat. I quickly parked the car and got in my boat and out of there just in time before all the boats landed.

I headed up river towards that bridge up ahead about a mile up  river from the boat ramp.river3


Sat under the bridge

I paddled in under the bridge and sat awhile before starting back down the river.bridge4


These biologists went on by me and gave me a wave.biologists5


Overgrown trail at Eagles Landing

I pulled into this spot I call Eagles Landing to go for a hike up the hill but I forgot my hand clippers and since I hadn’t been on this trail for a couple  years the trail was too overgrown for me to use it so I got back in my boat to try another spot.boat7


Swamp Rock

Down the river about a half mile was this spot I call Swamp Rock Trail so I landed my boat here for a  hike.shore9


Hike across the swamp

I walked across this area over to the hill where Swamp Rock is. It’s a bit overgrown but I made it.Swamprock10


The swamp is almost dry now so I could walk across it to get to the big rock up on the hillside.swamp11


View from the rock

This is the view of Jenner from Swamp Rock.jenner12


My boat is on the river across this swampy area. I was hoping to find some small ripe wild blackberries but it was too early. It doesn’t look like there will be many blackberries this year as most of the plants where dried out from lack of rain.view13


Grassy spot

I made it back to my boat and laid down in the grass by my boat for a nice break as the grass is nice in this spot.boat14


Wild turkeys

I could see two black spots across the river from my spot. Checking out the spots turned out to be two wild turkeys.turkeys15


Chatting with John

After a good break there I headed across the river to the Jenner boat ramp and pulled my boat out and was about to leave when John who lives down here showed up for a bull session so we shot it for about an hour.jenner16


John was in a talkative mood so I finally just had to say time to go and headed on home.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    That was nice of you to share your forest fire pictures, you had some good ones if I remember correctly.
    It’s great that you live so close to the park.
    Looks like a great yak too, glad the wind wasn’t too much for you, an experienced yakker.

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