Forest Ride and the Power Comes Back On

Friday February 9, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the forest

Still no power today. Barry  showed up for a ride in the hills. We took off and rode around for awhile, then went to my cousin’s place and shot the bull with them for a bit.

After that, Barry was eager to get up to the break spot, so we rode right up there as it wasn’t far from my cousin’s place as it’s on their property.break1

It was a fairly nice day with some clouds in the sky and sun too.clouds2

We took off from there and rode around some more. We had to stop so Barry could remove this small tree off the road, while I watched.tree3


While we were riding, we ran into Dominique who was out for a walk. She said she’s been seeing some mushrooms out so her and Barry walked down the road looking for some.shrooming4

Barry has a bunch of mushrooms in his bag as we head back to where our bikes are parked.shrooms5

We worked our way back to my place from there and Barry took off for his place.

I had a bit of a nap.

Eventually, I was back outside chair hopping with the chickens.chickens6

More daffodils are blooming each day. I like these yellow ones.daffs7

With nothing better to do, I thought I’d weld this hook on this loader bucket.,,,But.

I’d forgotten there was no power to run the welder.hook8

So instead I did something that didn’t take electrical power and moved these cement blocks into place on the bridge bulkhead.blocks9

The blocks are large enough to keep the high water from washing them away and they help to keep the water from washing under the metal pieces.blocks10

Power back on

We were running on the generator but I got an email about 7 saying the power was back on. Great.

Nice day.

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One Response to Forest Ride and the Power Comes Back On

  1. Shane Carr says:

    Hi Bob, you are really getting some great tools for yourself. The skid steer, side by side, sawzall, now I would like to suggest you upgrade chainsaws. I have cut alot of firewood in my life and Husqvarna saws are the best. Check out a 550 XP Mark II any saw close in the Husky line will do. Light weight, easy starting, and way less vibration. Your the man keep up the good work your trail system is very impressive. I was told once that if you rest you will rust. ha ha . No rust in your future. Thanks again for the journey.

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