Hacking Away On the Big Tree That Fell Across the Road

Saturday February 10, 2024 Guerneville CA.


My new rig came with this black netting around all the exits. I don’t think I need the stuff as it just gets in the way. So I started out the day by removing it.guards1

Tree work

Then I gassed up both chainsaws and loaded them in the rig and headed up to this big tree I’m trying to get off the road.

I have to be very careful so it doesn’t come down on me. I study each cut before I make it just to be sure.

I already had this much done on it when I started today.tree2

I cut the smaller stuff of it to start with and got it down to these two big limbs that were holding it up. Now I will cut the one in the back first as the one in front seems to be holding most of the tree up.tree3

I made the first cut on that big limb, carefully.cut4

The tree limb fell to the ground on the first cut which was good as it didn’t try to get me.cut5

I made the second cut and now the limb is off the ground so it is safer now and I can cut up the rest of the limb without being concerned the tree will fall on me.cut6

I cut as much of the big limb off as I could until it got too high to cut.treecut7

I forgot to bring more gas, so I decided to stop  here as I figured I only had enough gas to  maybe make one more cut and I needed to make at least two cuts to get the log off the rode.

I took a good break before loading up the saws to leave. That last log is holding the tree up on the hillside, so I’ll have to be real careful making this next cut, but it can wait.tree8

Storm cleanup

I had some more storm cleanup to do on the main road so I stopped here to clean some of this stuff off the road.cleanup9

Then I moved on to this little tree which should be an easy one to cleanup.tree10

It was an easy one to cleanup, but moving it caused this old rotten log to fall down off the hill, onto the road. It was so rotten it was light so I was able to roll it out of the way.log11

The last spot I worked on was were this big fir tree fell across the road. I cleaned all the big limbs off the road before heading for home.limbs12

Power guys

As I approached my place I heard some noise and looked over to see this power guy up on a pole restoring power to my neighbor’s place so they should be happy as they’ve been without power for a few days  now. A big tree fell on all the power lines and knocked them to the ground during the last storm.PGE13

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Hacking Away On the Big Tree That Fell Across the Road

  1. Judith says:

    Not surprised you guys got a good neighbor vote. Meanwhile, what is that netting for anyway??

  2. Bill Dudley says:

    Hi, Bob
    This is Bill, property manager for the Gurdjieff Foundation and your neighbor up the road. Just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to your brother, Tom, who came over and helped us clear storm damage last Tuesday. Your last photo in this post is one of the power poles that a tree fell over and took out the lines, leaving us without power for nearly a week. Our caretaker’s RV unit miraculously escaped major damage, as the falling tree was deflected by a clump of small bay trees and the main trunk missed the RV. Our chain saw was on the fritz, but Tom had a new (and very good) Stihl, and helped us clear the RV, which was nearly invisible under so much debris. Thanks much to both of you for being good neighbors! Your daily posts help me keep an eye on the property from down here in San Francisco and I follow them every day.
    Best regards, Bill

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