Forest Trail Work and the New Battery Operated Sawzall Works Great

Thursday February 8, 2024 Guerneville CA.


One of the reasons i wanted this new rig was so I can haul rocks around. I use them a lot for erosion control in the hills. I picked up these pieces of cement and hauled them to the bridge bulkhead I was repairing.cement

The plan today was to go up into the hills and work on a trail. I loaded up my small chainsaw and took my Sawzall with me and headed up into the forest.

I had a couple small trees to remove on the way up so I took care of them on the way.

There were some black clouds about, but no rain as I sat in the chair at the break spot.sky2


While I was sitting there, I noticed this banana slug slowly moving by. It’s about six inches long.slug3

Trail work

I walked out the trail I was going to work on and got to it.

I’d packed my new battery operated Sawzall with me to the work spot.


I should have gotten one of these a long time ago as it worked to cut tree roots great. A good thing as the part of the trail I was now working on had a bunch of roots that needed to be cut. The Sawzall made quick work of that.saw5

I worked on widening out this part of the trail today.cut6

I got about thirty feet widened out before I was beat.trail7

I headed back out the trail to the rest site.trail8

While sitting there, the sun was going down behind the  hills to the west.clouds9

I headed on home and sat around with the chickens .hens10

The recent rains didn’t seem to bother the daffodils much.daffs11

Nice day.

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One Response to Forest Trail Work and the New Battery Operated Sawzall Works Great

  1. Barb says:

    It looks like the dirt you carve off the hill just becomes part of the trail. I don’t see any piles of dirt anywhere. Thinking of a name for the new trail yet? And is the name just for you or will you make an effort to map or sign them before it gets turned over to the park? You should. Got a wood burning tool? Could be fun. Nice work & photos. Thanks, Bob.

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