Fox, Cherries, and Cleaning Up Under the Big Redwood Tree

Tuesday June 11, 2024 Guerneville CA.


I was sitting in my yard this morning when I saw this fox come into my yard and  head for a couple chickens that were out in the yard. fox1

I got up to head it off and away from my chickens. I chased it back up the hill here.fox2

Big tree cleanup

My goal today was to get the stuff under this tree cleaned up.tree3

Tom brought our dump trailer by so I could load it up.trailer4

Fox trap

He also brought  the box trap by and we set it to catch the fox.trap5

Birds ate my cherries all up

I had a hankering for some more cherries but the birds have eaten all mine up.

So I walked over to my neighbor’s place to have a look at his rig that he was trying to get started to see if he’d made much progress getting all the water out of his fuel and getting it going again.rig6

He had it all back together, but I don’t think he got it started yet and he wasn’t around to talk to him about it.


It seemed like a good time to steel some fresh cherries. The birds ate all of my cherries but for some reason they left his, but they are now working on them. I had my fill of cherries from the ladder.cherries7

Then I went back to my house and cleaned up the limbs and brush under this big redwood tree and loaded it all in the dump trailer.tree8

Once the trailer was full, Tom came by  with his tractor and took it up into the hills to dump it.

I followed him up with Skiddy and loaded up the trailer with rock at our rock spot so he could haul it back to the big tree and dump it for me.dirt

I formed the rock for a sit spot as this is a good shady spot around now when the sun is high.skiddy

The ground wasn’t level under the big tree because of the big roots so the rock made a level spot to sit, so I tried it out and it worked pretty good.chair

Nice day.

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