Forest Ride, Hauling Wood and Cleaning Up the Yard a Bit

Monday June 10, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

Barry showed up this morning for a bike ride, so we took off and rode all around the properties for a couple of hours. We had a good ride.

Yard work

After we got back and I had a good break, I started work moving this firewood I cut from the limbs that fell off some redwood trees in the yard last winter.wood1

A half dozen or more big redwood limbs had fallen off the tree and to the ground.tree3

I hauled the firewood from here.wood2

I cut up most of the larger stuff, but now there was a lot of small stuff left to take care of, but not today.limbs4

Chicken protection

The chickens have been digging around this newly planted avocado tree too much and if they continue they might get it dug up. I have wire around it which helps but they are just digging things up too much looking for worms and bugs.atree5

Berry vines

I had a bunch of wild black berry vines in the yard that I’ve been cutting, so I got my pitch fork and gathered some up to put around the tree.vines6

Chickens tend not to mess with these vines in the yard as they have some real sharp thorns on them.

I hope this detours them.vines7

The vines have lots of big thorns on them, like this.thorns8

I’ll keep an eye on the tree to see how this works out.

Old disc

I also have my eye on the old piece of farm equipment, a disc that isn’t being used anymore, so I’m thinking of moving that to some other spot. A job for Skiddy, I think.disc9

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Forest Ride, Hauling Wood and Cleaning Up the Yard a Bit

  1. Judith says:

    I will be interested in the blackberry vine trimmings as an avocado tree protector. (Green with envy about avocados growing not far outside your door.)

  2. KennyD says:

    One thing about having a skid steer is that you (or your friends or relatives) will find plenty of things for you to do with it.

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