Fuel Transfer Pump, Skiddy Maintenance, Blog Transfer Report

Saturday January 6, 2024 Guerneville CA.


It started to rain just about the time I was going to get out of bed this morning and continued for an hour or so.

When I went outside, it was rather cold from that rain. After feeding the chickens I went back in the house to warm up a bit. I went back out after the sun came out around 2.

New fuel pump

I bought this 12 volt diesel transfer pump kit the other day and it needed to be put together. While I started to assemble it, I was thinking how am I going to keep this stuff clean between uses so I stopped putting it together and thought about that.pump


Fuel truck

My plan is to use this quad runner to haul a couple of the fuel containers, but how to deal with the pump and keep it clean. After much thought, my plan is to put a small boom on the front of that rack that I can hung the pump and hoses on and use the quads battery to run the pump. It wouldn’t take  much to build something that could be easily removed when I don’t need it.fuel


Skiddy maintenance

The sun went behind the hills to my west but I wanted to do one more thing today. I fueled and greased Skiddy so it’s ready to go again. I also received a new clamp-on mirror in the mail. It’s a bit larger than the one that came with it and likely will do a better job and was only ten bucks, likely a lot less than the John Deere one that got broken.skiddy


I locked the chickens in their pen and that was it for the day.

Blog transfer report

I’ve gotten the blog moved but it does have some serious problems. It seems lots of the pictures don’t show up on older posts, just the name of them does. The guy who’s been working on transferring the blog says, those pictures are corrupt for some reason and can’t be recovered. I’d have to reload all of them. I do have some copies of most of them, but there are so many it would be quite a task, so I think I’ll just have to  live with it and continue.

My plugins aren’t working either, which they are checking on. I think I can fix that by just installing new ones, but I’m waiting to hear from the guy.

My plan is to fix up the new transferred one as well as possible before going public with the transferred one, which will likely happen in a few days.

Nice day.

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