Skiddy Does Some Work For My Cousin

Friday January 5, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

My Cousin needed a couple of small slides off one of her roads so I said I’d take care of it with Skiddy. I got all my stuff together and greased up Skiddy for the task.

I took off for her place and half way there realized I’d forgotten my camera, so no pictures today.

Once I got there, I made quick work of the slides although one of them had a big redwood log in it that Skiddy had to work a bit hard to get it out of the way.Actually, Skiddy is quite powerful and made quick work of it.

I took a different route back as I knew another spot on our place that had a big tree across the road, so I moved it out of the way.

Once back home, I had a good nap and then went back outside to do some chair hopping with my chickens.

Just before dark, the mail guy showed up with my new fuel transfer pump. I’ll have to get it assembles and try it out tomorrow.

Blog transfer report

The guys got my blog transferred last night but it has some problems that need to be worked out. At least we are moving forward with it. I’ll give them some time to fix stuff before I put it online.

Nice day.

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